lecture 3 (posterior thigh and gluteal region)

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semitendinosus OIAN
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semitendinosus OIAN
O: ischial tuberosity (in common w/ biceps long head)
I: inserts as part of pes anserinus (tendinous aponeurosis of sartorius, gracilis, and semitendinosus) on superior medial tibia. Separated from medial collateral ligament by anserine bursa.
N: tibial division of sciatic (L5-S2)
A: flexes leg at knee, extends femur at hip, and rotates flexed knee medially. (medial rotation of tibia)
semimembranosus OIAN
O: superior lateral portion of ischial tuberosity
I: posterior medial groove on medial condyle of tibia
N: tibial division of sciatic (L5-S2) (enters deep surface of muscle)
A: flexes leg at knee, extends thigh at hip and rotates flexed leg medially
biceps femoris long and short head OIAN
Long head:
O: ischial tuberosity and sacrotuberous ligament
N: tibial division of sciatic (S1-3)
Short head:
O: lateral lip of linea aspera (between adductor magnus and vastus lateralis), proximal 2/3 of supracondylar line, & lateral intramuscular septum
N: peroneal division of sciatic (L5-S2)
I: fibers of short head join tendon of long head which forms lateral border of popliteal fossa. Tendon divides around fibular collateral ligament and inserts on the lateral aspect of head of fibula
A: flexes and laterally rotates flexed leg. Long head extends thigh
what is the largest nerve in the body?
sciatic nerve
movements of the hip joint?
flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and rotation
when does fusion of the acetabulum usually occur?
15-16 years old
what is the fibrocartilage lip that deepens the socket, protects bony rim and smooth surface
acetabular labrum
what is the portion of labrum without cartilage and arises from margins of acetabular notch?
transverse acetabular ligament
what is the primary blood supply to the hip joint?
retinacular branches off the medial and lateral circumflex femoral arteries
gluteus maximus OIAN?
O: Posterior gluteal line of ilium, dorsum of sacrum and coccyx and sacrotuberous ligament.
I: Most fibers end in iliotibial tract (that inserts into the lateral condyle of the tibia); other fibers insert on gluteal tuberosity of the femur
A: extends thigh and assists in lateral rotation
N: Inferior gluteal (L5-S2)
what will help strengthen patellar femoral pain syndrome?
gluteus maximus
where can you palpate the gluteus medius?
on the lateral side just inferior to the iliac crest
gluteus medius OIAN
O: Ilium, between anterior and posterior gluteal lines
I: lateral surface of greater trochanter
A: Abducts and medially rotates thigh
N: Superior gluteal (L4-S1)
what is the trendelenburg test?
if when you stand on your right leg your left hip drops, then your right gluteus medius has weakness
if the _________ nerve is damaged you will have a positive trendelenburg test on the weightbearing side (standing leg)
superior gluteal nerve