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the arrangement of organisms into orderly groups based on their similarities and presumed evolutionary relationships


the most general of the seven levels of classification


the level of classification after kingdom; the organisms from all the kingdoms are sorted into several phyla


the level of classification after phylum; the organisms in all phyla are sorted into class


the level of classification after class; the organisms in all the classes are sorted into orders


the level of classification after order; the organisms in all orders are sorted into families


the level of classification after family; the organisms in all families are sorted into genera


the most specific of the seven levels of classification; characterized by a group of organisms that can mate with one another to produce fertile offspring


the science of identifying, classifying, and naming living things

dichotomous key

an aid to identifying unkown organisms that consists of several pairs of descriptive statements; of each pair of statements, only one will apply to the unkown organism, and that will lead to another set of statements, and so on, until the unknown organism can be identified


a classification kingdom that contains ancient bacteria that thrive in extreme environments


a classification kingdom containing mostly free-living bacteria found in many varied environments


a kingdom of eukaryotic single-celled or simple, multicellular organisms; kingdom Protista contains all eudaryotes that are not plants, animals, or fungi.


the kingdom that contains plants - complex, multicellular organisms that are usually green and use the sun's energy to make sugar by photosynthesis.


a kingdom of complex organisms that obtain food by breaking down other substances in their surroundings and absorbing the nutrients


the classification kingdom containing complex, multicellular organisms that lack cell walls, are usually able to move about, and possess nerbous systems that help them be aware of a react to their surroundings

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