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which of the following is not a monosaccharide

two monosaccharides

a disaccharide is formed by the chemical bonding of


the process that plants use to make glucose from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of the sun's heat and light is called


what is the major monosaccharide found in the body


glucose is also known as

monosaccharides and disaccharides

the term "simple carbohydrates" refers to


which of the following is a major source of lactose

fructose, glucose, galactose

the monosaccharides important in nutrition are

carbohydrate digestion is assisted by cooking; softens tough skins

which of the following is true about carbohydrate digestion

pancreatic amylase

what enzyme is responsible for carbohydrate digestion in the small intestine

mouth with salivary amylase

carbohydrte digestion begins in the

an enzyme that digests starch

amylase is

they pass into the colon and are fermented by bacteria

what is the fate of disaccharides not digested in the small intestine

active absorption

glucose is absorbed via

maltose is transported through the portal vein to the liver

which of the following is not true of carbohydrate absorption

lactase deficiency

lactose intolerance is caused by

gas, abdominal pain, and distention

the major symptoms of lactose intolerance are

to supply energy

the main function of glucose is


which of the following hormones corrects a hyperglycemic state


which of the following hormones is released to correct a hypoglycemic state

muscle and fat cells to increase glucose uptake

when insulin is released it causes


which of the following hormones is released during stressful times to increase blood glucose levels, making more energy available for use?


for which of the following is glucose most critical as an energy source

a highly branched polysaccharide

glycogen is


starch is comprised of hundreds and perhaps thousands of which molecule

a long straight glucose chain

amylose is

muscles and liver

the major storage sites for glycogen are

can lower blood cholesterol

soluble fibers

whole wheat bread

which of the following is not a rich source of soluble fiber


dietary fiber may play a key role in the prevention of which cancer

kidney beans

which of the following foods would have the most fiber

increase fluid intake

when eating a high fiber diet one should

arises most commonly in adulthood

which of the following is not a characteristic of type 1 diabetes mellitus

the least common form of diabetes

all of the following are characteristics of type 2 diabetes mellitus except

no double bonds

a saturated fatty acid contains

lipid profile

blood test results that reveal a person's serum cholesterol and triglycerides are called a


olive oil contains abundant amounts of which type of fatty acid


in which form are most dietary lipids found

the body's ability to store fat is limitless

all of the following describe the behavior of fat cells except


which of the following describes a fatty acid that has one double bond

fatty acids and glycerol

what is the composition of triglycerides

best source of energy for the brain

which of the following does not describe a function of fat

solid at room temperature

if a fat contains mostly saturated fatty acids it is likely to be

change a liquid fat to a solid fat

the main reason for hydrogenating fats is to

when consumed they can raise serum LDL cholesterol

which of the following is true about trans fatty acids found in hydrogenated fats

eating packaged cookies and desserts made with vegetable shortening

timothy wants to avoid eating hydrogenated fat. all of the following are appropriate except


the three carbon structure to which fatty acids are attached in triglycerides is called

are reformed into triglycerides

after absorption, long-chain fatty acids and monoglycerides inside intestinal cells


the body energy that can be stored in almost unlimited amounts is

store triglycerides

the major function o adipose tissue is to


the body stores excess protien as

a compound containing phosphorus replaces at least one fatty acid

phospholipids differ from triglycerides in which of the following ways?

it is an essential part of every cell

which of the following is true about lecithin

they do not dissolve in water

sterols are similar to triglycerides in which of the following ways

it is only found in animal products

which of the following is true about cholesterol

pancreatic lipase

the major fat-digesting enzyme is


after the chylomicrons leave the intestinal cells, the ar transported via what system


lipoproteins contain the following components except

lipoprotein lipase

once the chylomicrons arrive at their destination via the bloodstream, the triglycerides in the chylomicrons are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids by an enzyme associated with the blood vessel called

high density lipoprotein

which lipoprotien is responsible for picking up cholesterol from dying cells and other sources so it can be transported back to the liver for excretion

trans-fatty acids

hydrogenation produces what kinds of fat

amino acid

the basic building block of a protein is called an


the chemica element found in all amino acids but not found in either carbohydrates or fats is

cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantity to meet body needs

an essential amino acid

converted to urea

the nitrogen from amino acid breakdown is

stomach and small intestine

proteins are chemically digested in which areas of the body


what enzyme is released by the stomach to digest protein

pepsin works best in an alkaline environment

which of the following is not true about pepsin

protein synthesis will be limited

if the diet is lacking an essential amino acid, what will be the course of action

limiting amino acid

if a food does not contain the necessary amounts of a certain amino acid to eet a body need, that amino acid is referred to as a

stored as amino acids in the liver

when protein consumption is in excess of body needs and energy neeeds are met the excess amino acids are metabolized and the energy in the molecule is


approximately how many different amino acids are used in the synthesis of body proteins

amino acids

if the carbohydrate content of the diet is insufficient to meet the body's needs for glucose which of the following can be converted to glucose

peptide bond

the chemical bond joining amino acids is called a


cooking an egg alters its appearance due to

are consuming enough carbohydrates and fats to meet our kcalorie needs

food protiens are used most efficiently when we

to supply more than 40 percentof the kcalories in the diet

all of the following are primary functions of protein except


antibodies are


one would likely to see positive protein balance in all of the following conditions except

could be store in the liver

all of the following describe the fate of excess protein execpt

diseases that are troublesome but not life threatening

all the following describe kwahiorkor and marasmus except


kwashiorkor is usually associated with a deficiency of


a vegetarian who only eats plant foods is a

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