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life science


A membrane covered structure containing all of the materials necessary for life.


A change in an organism's environment that changes what the organism does.


A stable internal environment.

asexual reproduction

A single parent producing an identical offspring.

sexual reproduction

Two parents that have an offspring that share characteristics from both parents.


Deoxyribonucleic acid - provides the instructions for making proteins.


Transmission of genetics from one generation to the next.


The total of all the chemical activities of an organisim.


Make their own food by either photosynthesis or chemosynthesis.


Eat other organisms.


Eat (breakdown) dead organisms or wastes.


Composed of amino acids, most abundant material in cells, are involved in almost all life processes.


A group of compounds made of sugars, the cells source of energy. Potatoes are an example of this


Cannot mix with water, a source of energy for cells or can form the membrane of a cell. Fats and Oils are examples of this.


Form the cell membrane, the head end of this molecule is attracted to water (hydrophilic) The tail end of this molecule is not attracted to water (hydrophobic).

nucleic acid

Contain all the information that a cell needs to make proteins - The Blue Prints for Life


Energy in carbohydrates and lipids must be changed to adenosine triphosphate before the stored energy can be used by the cells.

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