65 terms

nutrition test 3

vitamins, minerals, water
what disease is caused by a thiamin deficiency
the nutrient essential for synthesis of several blood clotting factors is
vitamin k
which of the following serves as an antioxidant in cell membranes, protecting them and all the DNA inside your cells from damage
vitamin e
which statement about vitamins is true
help regulate chemical reactions of the body
which of the following is true about the intake of vitamins
vitamins consumed in excess are excreted
water soluble and fat soluble vitamins differ in which way
water soluble are less likely to be toxic
which of the following is true about the regulation of the production and sale of vitamin and mineral supplements
the fda does not regulate all vitamin and mineral supplements closely
which of the following is ture about the absorption, transport, and storage of fat soluble vitamins
after absorption, they are transported in the bloodstream to body cells and or stored in the liver and fatty tissue
which of the following does not describe fat soluble vitamins
they are transported via the bloodstream
which of the following is converted to vitamin a in the body
this vitamin, when consumed during pregnancy, can help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida
folate/folic acid
the nutrient that can be considered both a vitamin and a hormone is
vitamin d
vitamin d is unique among the vitamins because
it can be formed in the body by exposure to the sun
efficient deposition of calcium and phosphorus in bones is the net effect of
vitamin d
the childhood disease rickets is due to a deficiency in
vitamin d
an important role of vitamin k is the synthesis of
in general, excess amounts of water-soluble vitamins are excreted via the
all of teh following are true of b vitamins except
are stored in the liver
the b vitamins generally function as
niacin is necessary to prevent the disease
pellagra is characterized by all of the following except
bill's physician has prescribed an intake of 200 mg nicotinic acid (a form of niacin) to attempt to preserve his health. which of the following is true about nicotinic acid consumption?
it can lower elevated serum cholesterol
a pantothenic acid deficiency is
very unlikely because of its widespread availability
vitamins involved in red blood cell synthesis are
vitamin b12 and folate
acquiring sufficient vitamin b12 fromthe diet may be a problem to vegans because
it is only found in animal products
formation and maintenance of collage requires
vitamin c
scurvy can be prevented with adequate intakes of
vitamin c
water constitutes ____ percent of body weight
the amount of water in each compartment mainly is controlled by
ion concentration
the two most significant extracellular ions are
sodium and chloride
water regulates body temperature through heat loss via
joe is a wrestler and during his workouts he loses 2 pounds. how much water would he have to drink to replenish this water weight loss
6 cups
which of the following is not ture about the regulation of fluid in the body
thirst is a reliable factor of how much water should be consumed to replenish body fluids
which of the following statements does not describe the role of minerals in the body
they provide 4 kcalories per gram
consumption o a diet high in salt may
increase blood pressure
potassium performs all of the following functions except
it maintains the ability to see at night
elevated blood pressure is associated with which of the following minerals
in the body, 99 percent of calcium is found in
bones and teeth
which of the following is not a function of calcium
appetite regulation
the most nutrient dense calcium food source is
milk and dairy products
according to the RDA the mineral you need in the largest amount is
the mineral that is least likely to be deficient in the American diet is
what is magnesium's primary function
it is important for nerve and heart function
we get most of the sulfur in our diet from
in some cultures, pots and pans used in cooking may contribute some ______ to the diet
an impaired immune system is associated with a deficiency of
a mineral that has antioxidant functions and has been suggested to reduce cancer risks is
this mineral can be protective for the teeth when introduced into the water supply, however it can cause tooth mottling when cosumed in high quanitities
a goiter may form as a consequence of inadequate intake of
the most effective treatment for preventing bone loss in those at risk for osteoporosis is
adequate intake of bone building nutrients and exercise
calcium, vitamin d, and iodine are all different names for the same substance
vitamins are a source of energy for the body (in the same way that carbs/lipids/proteins are)
excesses of certain vitamins can cause serious damage
a well chosen diet can supply all the vitamins that most people need
vitamins require digestion before they can be absorbed
some vitamins are inactivated by exposure to heat
even hard, seemingly dry tissues such as bones and teeth contain significant amounts of water
oxygen is a mineral
pure water has a pH value of 7
fish would be a good source of heme iron
minerals are widespread in basic foods
taking nutritional supplements to provide essential nutrients in not necessary unless food intake is low or an individual has a condition causing a deficiency
although an individual can live without other nutrients for a long time, he or she can only survive for a few days without water
sweat contains electrolytes and heavy sweating can cause electrolyte deficiency
an individual's water needs vary according to the food he or she eats, the environmental temperature and humidity, his or her activity level and other factors