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a chemical that contains information for an organism's growth and functions.


compacted DNA. Humans have 48, Fruti flies have 8, and corn plants have 20.

cell cycle

the normal sequence of development and division of a cell.


the part of the cell cycle during which a cell is not dividing.


the part of the cell cycle during which the nucleus divides.


the division of the parent cell's cytoplasm.

asexual reproduction

one organism produces one or more new organisms that are identical to it and that live independantly of it.

binary fission

the form of asexual reproduction occuring in prokaryotes.


the process of new tissue growth at these sites.


the step of mitosis when the DNA in the nucleuses of a cell condenses and becomes visible under a light microscope.


the step of mitosis when the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell.


the step of mitosis when the chromosomes split, resulting in two seperate identical chromosomes and then are pulled to opposite side of the cell.


the step of mitosis when a new nucleur membrane forms around each group of chromosomes. the chromosomes then return to their threadlike form.

spindle fibers

strings attached to the chromosomes to pull them apart.

sexual reproduction

when two organisms produce another organism.

genetic material

contains information neede for the cell's growth and other activities.


a small organelle that divides ekaryotic cells.


a process in which and organism develops buds on its body.

cell division

when cells divide,

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