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  1. vertebrae and hip bones
  2. Osteocytes
  3. costal cartilage
  4. Periosteum
  5. respiratory cartliage
  1. a What are two examples of irregular bones?
  2. b What is the membrane on the outer surface of the diaphysis?
  3. c What type of cartilage makes up the larynx and trachea?
  4. d What are mature bone cells that develop from osteoblasts, control day-to-day activities (each occupies a lacuna, a pocket sandwiched between layers of matrix)?
  5. e What type of cartilage connects the ribs to the breastbone?

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  1. What are the characteristics of cartilage?
  2. What is the connective tissue membrane lining the bone?
  3. What is an example of a short, sesamoid bone?
  4. What type of bone is best able to withstand stress?
  5. What are channels lying at right angles to the central canal, connecting blood and nerve supply of the periosteum to that of the Haversian canal?

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  1. mineral saltsWhat are bone-forming cells that forms a bone matrix by secreting collagen, become enclosed in the matrix, and develop into osteocytes


  2. Articular CartilageWhat type of cartilage forms the ear and the epiglottis?


  3. boneWhat regenerates faster in the adult skeleton when broken, bone or cartilage?


  4. Fibrous and osteogenicWhat produce collagen fibers that span the break?


  5. compoundWhat is a bone fracture that penetrates the skin?