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  1. Canaliculi
  2. greenstick
  3. Endochonral ossification
  4. Interstitial growth
  5. costal cartilage
  1. a What is the process when bone forms by replacing hyaline cartilage (cartilage or endochondral bone)?
  2. b What type of fracture would be least likely in a 93 year old?
  3. c "Growth from Inside": the lengthening of long bones between diaphysis and epiphysis where blood vessels invade ends of bone becoming secondary centers of ossification, growth ceases when Epiphyseal plate fuses.
  4. d What are hairlike canals that connect lacunae to each other and the central canal?
  5. e What type of cartilage connects the ribs to the breastbone?

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  1. What regenerates faster in the adult skeleton when broken, bone or cartilage?
  2. What is the first repair mass to splint the broken bone?
  3. What is the structural unit of compact bone?
  4. What is the process of bone formation in the flat bones of the skull, mandible, and clavicles where bone forms directly within mesenchyme arranged in sheetlike layers that resemble membranes
  5. What are the five functions of bones?

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  1. yellow marrow cavityWhat is blood cell formation that occurs in the red bone marrow of the axial skeleton/girdles and the epiphyses of the humerus/femur?


  2. calcium phosphatesWhat mineral can osteoclasts take from the bones?


  3. AppendicularWhat division of the skeleton forms bones of the upper and lower limb and the girdles?


  4. HydroxyapatitesWhat are mineral salts also known as?


  5. parathyroid hormone (PTH)What hormone raises the blood calcium level by acting on the kidneys and vitamin D production in the intestine?