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  1. Osteon
  2. Endosteum
  3. Diaphysis
  4. costal cartilage
  5. calcium phosphates
  1. a What is the connective tissue membrane lining the bone?
  2. b What is the structural unit of compact bone?
  3. c What are the mineral salts mostly composed of?
  4. d What is composed of medullary cavity that contains fat (yellow marrow surrounded by compact bone)?
  5. e What type of cartilage connects the ribs to the breastbone?

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  1. What is a bone fracture the is perpendicular to the bones' axis?
  2. What is blood cell formation that occurs in the red bone marrow of the axial skeleton/girdles and the epiphyses of the humerus/femur?
  3. What covers the ends of long bones for articulation?
  4. Increasing weight-bearing activities can prevent the development of this bone disorder.
  5. What are mature bone cells that develop from osteoblasts, control day-to-day activities (each occupies a lacuna, a pocket sandwiched between layers of matrix)?

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  1. appositional growthWhat is the process in which bones increase in width?


  2. boneWhat is the structural unit of compact bone?


  3. 1. Hematoma formation
    2. Fibrocartilaginous callus formation
    3. Bony callus formation
    4. Bone remodeling
    What is the first repair mass to splint the broken bone?


  4. Endochonral ossificationWhat is the process of bone formation in the flat bones of the skull, mandible, and clavicles where bone forms directly within mesenchyme arranged in sheetlike layers that resemble membranes


  5. LacunaeWhat are small cavities in bone that contain osteocytes?