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  1. patella
  2. bone
  3. Irregular bones
  4. long bones
  5. Rickets
  1. a What kind of bones are longer than they are wide?
  2. b What is an example of a short, sesamoid bone?
  3. c What regenerates faster in the adult skeleton when broken, bone or cartilage?
  4. d What childhood disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin D and sunlight results in bone deformities associated with impaired metabolism of calcium and phosphorus?
  5. e What kind of bones are bones with complicated shapes?

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  1. What are hydroxyapatities?
  2. What are the four criteria used to classify fractures.
  3. What are the two layers of the periosteum?
  4. What type of fracture would be least likely in a 93 year old?
  5. What type of cartilage is found at the ends of long bones?

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  1. week 8In embryo development what week does formation of the bony skeleton begin?


  2. humerusWhat is an example of a long bone?


  3. Intramembranous ossificationWhat is the process when bone forms by replacing hyaline cartilage (cartilage or endochondral bone)?


  4. trabeculaeWhat is the framework that makes up spongy bone?


  5. fibrocartilageWhat type of cartilage forms the intervertebral discs?