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Packet: pg 14: la Date: Quelle est la date?

Answering the question: Quelle est la date?
quelle est la date
what's the date (literally: which is the date)
nous sommes le
it's (literally: we are the)
nous sommes le premier janvier
it's january first (literally: we are the first january)
nous sommes le deux février
it's february second (literally: we are the two february)
nous sommes le trois mars
it's march third (literally: we are the three march)
nous sommes le quatre avril
it's april fourth (literally: we are the four april)
nous sommes le cinq mai
it's may fifth (literally: we are the five may)
nous sommes le six juin
it's june sixth (literally: we are the six june)
nous sommes le sept juillet
it's july seventh (literally: we are the seven july)
nous sommes le huit août
it's august eighth (literally: we are the eight august)
nous sommes le neuf septembre
it's september ninth (literally: we are the nine september)
nous sommes le dix octobre
it's october tenth (literally: we are the ten october)
nous sommes le onze novembre
it's november eleventh (literally: we are the eleven november)
nous sommes le douze décembre
it's december twelfth (literally: we are the eleven december)