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"Noble" invading force that conquered Indus Valley Civilization

Aryan migration theory

Theory that Aryans came slowely in waves of migrations

Aryan invasion theory

Theory that Aryans came in a single invasion to Indus river


A city, center of norhtern Indus Valley civilization

Mohenjo Daro

A city, center of the southern Indus Valley civilization


Drug used for the religious purpose for Vedic ritual

Indus Valley civilization

An ancient civilization that develped along Indus river


People who lived in the Indus Valley


Four collections of ancient prayers and rituals included in Hindu sacred scripture.

Sanathana Dharma

eternal religion that refers to Hinduism


saying,"chapter" in Vedas


Aryan language used to write Vedas and other sacred texts


Written meditations on the spiritual essence of the universe and the self.


Spiritual teacher


moral duty, right action

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