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Marketing Chapter 15 - Baleja

A professional salesperson
-may negotiate prices or diagnose technical problems when a product doesn't work well.
-doesn't try to "sell" customers, but rather tries to help them satisfy their needs.
-is a representative of the whole company.
-is responsible for feeding back information about customers and competitors.
Which of the following is an accurate description of the sales task listed?
Order getting: confidently seeking possible buyers with a well-organized sales presentation designed to sell a good, service, or idea.
Which of the following types of salespeople is essential for selling installations to producers?
Order getters
Order-getting salespeople would be required for which one of the following jobs?
Seeking orders from supermarket buyers for a new brand of high protein diet supplement that has been added to the company's line.
Chemco, Inc., a three-year-old producer of chemicals, has just hired a manufacturers' agent. The agent
may lose the business when the territory gets to the point where it can be handled by an order taker.
A good sales manager knows that:
order takers usually do very little aggressive selling.
Mark Johnson's business card says he is a "Customer Service Representative" for OceanView Metal Industries—a wholesaler of standardized steel components used in construction. Mark answers customer questions about the firm's products and arranges for routine orders to be sent to the customer's construction site. It appears that Mark is primarily:
an order taker.
Andrea Mercer is tired of being a manufacturers' agent of accessories sold through merchant wholesalers. She is willing to accept a lower income for less travel and stress. She also wants to continue selling in the same industry so that her experience and business degree will not be wasted. Andrea should look for a job as a:
wholesaler's order taker.
Missionary sales reps:
help train intermediaries' salespeople and set up retail displays.
A large appliance manufacturer has adequate wholesale and retail distribution—but is concerned that the intermediaries do not push its products aggressively enough—because they also carry competitive lines. The manufacturer should hire some:
A) missionary salespeople.
Gloria Highnote works for CD Wholesale. She helps CD's retailer-customers set up their cooperative advertising, helps train the retailer's salespeople, and gives CD feedback on how sales promotion ideas are working. Gloria is:
a missionary salesperson.
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A major accounts sales force is used to sell to small retailers who are not covered by wholesalers in the channel.
Allied Corp. has found that an effective salesperson should call on each account about six times a year and spend about two hours per sales call. Every salesperson works a 40-hour week and takes off two weeks for vacation each year. A salesperson must spend half of the time on travel and administration. Approximately how many salespeople does Allied need to service 500 accounts?
Which of the following is a good example of a sales technology?
-spreadsheet analysis of scanner data
-electronic slide show for a sales presentation
-software for shelf space management
-order status information available over the Internet
Regarding sales force training,
-it is rarely necessary to take a successful and experienced sales rep out of the field for a training program.
-every new sales rep should go through all parts of a firm's training program, so that nothing is missed.
-training programs should focus on company policies and product information, since sales presentation skills are best learned in the field.

None of the above is true.
With regard to the level of compensation for salespeople, a marketing manager should recognize that:
the appropriate level of compensation should be suggested by the job description.
The sales manager of the Retro Butterfly Chair Corp. wishes to compensate his sales force in a way which will provide some security, incentive, flexibility, and control. The company should offer its sales force:
a combination plan.
A sales manager's CONTROL over his salespeople:
can be the strongest with a straight salary plan.
Paige Whaley works as a telephone salesperson for a newspaper. She calls new residents in the city to try to get subscriptions for home delivery. Which of the following types of sales presentation should she use?
Prepared sales presentation.
Dale Jetta sells life insurance. The company provides a list of prospects and Dale starts each sales call by asking the potential customer to explain his or her financial goals. Dale is probably using the
consultative selling approach.