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Cruz 4th Period 9/12/11

Martin Luther wrote his 95 Theses to protest:

A.) The selling of indulgences

In the 15th Century, many clerics held more than one benefice, a practice known as:

D.) Pluralism

The doctrine of indulgences rests on all of the following principles except the belief:

D.) In salvation by faith alone

In 1521, Charles V ordered Luther to appear before the:

B.) Diet of Worms

The Protestant Reformation in Germany:

C.) Compounded the problems that had existed since the Middle Ages

Luther believed that the Church consisted of:

B.) The entire community of Christian believers

Luther saw the _____ as the special domain of women:

C.) Home

As a result of the Peace of Augsburg the people of Germany:

A.) Became either Lutheran or Catholic depending on what their prince was

Ulrich Zwingli attacked all of the following except:

D.) The Doctrine of the Trinity

Martin Luther's first response to the demands made by the Swabian peasants of their lords was:

A.) Sympathy for the peasants

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