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  1. study of humans
  2. -adaptations of history and literature
    -Non-traditional movement
    -Use of Video/Film
    -Film/Television Adaptations
  3. *Adaptations of novels
    *Exploration of historic events/people
  4. *Premiered in 2005
    *Fictionalized court case of Judas Iscariot
    *Set in Purgatory
    *Historical figures
    *exploration of faith and justice

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  1. Film/Television adaptations*films translated to stage
    *musicals and non-musicals


  2. Non-traditional movementAbsurdism
    -characters stuck in bizarre situations
    -sparse language


  3. circular/static plots*combines elements of drama and documentary
    *Dramatizes real peoples' words
    *Based on true events, speeches, interviews


  4. Docudramastudy of humans