Chapter 13

Definition of personality
The unique way an individual thinks, feels, and acts
Freud's emphasis on sex and sexual development was mostly due to?
The culture within which he and his patients existed at the time
Which of Freud's parts of the personality is the most like short-term memory?
Stephan wants a new cell phone he saw in the local electronics store, but he doesn't have enough money to pay for it. Which structure of Stephen's personality would urge him to take the phone while no one was looking?
Whuch structure of the personality, according to Freud, works on the reality principle?
The___develops in the____stage as a result of identification.
Superego; Phallic
Tina's boss gives her a bad review, making Tina feel lousy. When she arrives at home, she yells at her husband and children. Tina is likely displaying?
Jerome, an 8 year old boy, constantly teases one of the girls in his 3rd grade classroom. He calls her names and chases her on the playgroud, telling the other boys that she has cooties. If Jerome's real feeling are more like attraction to this girl, we can say that Jerome is exhibiting?
Three year old that watched his father, a chef when he perpares meals for the family. This year the child has asked for a play kitchen for his birthday. Freud would that the child is beginning the process of ?
According to Adler middle children tend to be?
Research has begun to show some support for which of Freud's concepts?
An unconscious mind
To explain a person's peronsality, behaviorists would look to?
The early experiances of rewards and punishments for certain behavior
Bandura, one of the most important person variables in determining personality is?
Unlike the psychodynamic view, the social cogantive view of personality?
has been scientifically tested
the striving for fullfillment of one's potental is called?
Accoring to Rodgers, anxiety and nuerotic behavior results from?
a mismatch between the real self and the ideal self
Viewpoints that has different goals from the other three
trait theroy
How many sources traits did Cattell use in developing his personality inventory?