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Cruz Period 4 11/15/11

All of the following were members of the Third Estate except:

D.) Nuns

The National Assembly passed laws that"

C.) Broadened women's rights to seek divorce and inherir property

The men elected to represent the Third Estate at the Estates General were primarily:

B.) Lawyers and Government Officials

The American Revolution had its immediate origins in struggles over:

A.) Increased Taxes

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citized guaranteed all of the following except:

D.) Economic Equality

The Te4nnis Court Oath was sworn by:

C.) Renegade delegates from the Estates General

The term Great Fear refers to the:

B.) Fear of vagabonds and outlaws in the countryside in 1789

The grievance petitions from all three estates called for all of the following except:

A.) An American-style republic

In the 1780s, over 50% of France's annual budget was expended on:

D.) Interest payments on the debt

The First Estate was made up of the:

C.) Clergy

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