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A circuit that has two or more separate branches for current is a ____.

parallel circuit

The statement, current is equal to the voltage difference divided by the resistance, is known as

Ohm's law

A static discharge differs from an electric current in that a static discharge ____.

lasts for only a fraction of a second

Electric charge that has accumulated on an object is referred to as ____.

static electricity

Resistance is measured in a unit called the ____.


The rate at which an electrical device converts energy from one form to another is called

electrical power

Which of the following is the correct relationship among power, current, and voltage?

P = I x V

A television that requires an average of 0.40 ampere of current is operated on a 120-volt service for 5.0 hours. How much energy is used?

0.24 kWh

One source of constant electric current is a ____.

dry cell

A material through which electrons do not move easily is a(n) ____.


Lightning is ____.

a very large discharge of static electricity

The voltage ____ as current moves through a circuit.


Which of the following is a device designed to open an overloaded circuit and prevent overheating?

circuit breaker

If a current flowing through a lightbulb is 0.75 ampere and the voltage difference across the lightbulb is 120 volts, how much resistance does the light bulb have?

160 ohms

If an air conditioner uses 1800 watts of power when plugged into a wall socket that operates at a voltage of 210 volts, what is the current flowing through the air conditioner?

8.57 amps

allows electrons to move through it easily


closed path through which electrons flow


accumulation of electric charges on an object

static electricity

circuit with more than one path

parallel circuit

tendency of a material to oppose electron flow


does not allow electricity to move through it easily


push that causes charges to move

voltage difference

Surrounds electric charge and exerts force on other charges.

electric field

rate at which electrical energy is changed to another energy form

electric power

flow of electrons through a conductor

electric current

circuit with only one path


unit of electrical energy

kilowatt hour

Current is equal to the voltage difference of a circuit divided by its resistance.

Ohm's law

car battery type

wet cell

metal rod that directs lightning to Earth

lightning rod

device that detects electric charges


AAA - D battery type

dry cell

how much power an applience uses


a small piece of wire that melts to prevent electical fire


a piece of metal that bends to prevent electrical fire


no current flows in this type of circuit


If the battery is a 9-volt battery and the resistance in the circuit is 18 ohms, how much current is flowing through the circuit? (I = V/R)


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