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Chapter 3 - Exploration

Where was the Incas empire?
Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Aregentina
How did the Incas expand their empire?
They used force to take over land.
The time period of change or rebirth.
When was the Renaissance?
In the 1400s and 1500s
Three changes that happened during the Renaissance Period.
1. Improvements in science and technology
2. People became eager to explore new lands
3. Interest in thought, learning, art, and science
Johannes Gutenberg
Invented a new way to print books.
The Travels of Marco Polo
One book printed because of Johannes Gutenberg's invention.
Marco Polo
Traveled to and explored China, The Indies, Burma, India, and SW Asia. Wrote a book about his travels.
What did Marco Polo find on his travels?
gunpowder, the compass, silks and spices
What effect did Marco Polo's travels have on Europeans?
They became interested in the lands that Marco Polo had visited and they wanted to buy goods like silk and spices.
Silk Road
An overland trade route between Europe and Asia.
What was the effect of the Turks closing the Silk Road?
Europeans could no longer get Asian goods.
Bartolomew DIAZ
One of the first Europeans to explore the southern tip of Africa and found the "Cape of Good Hope" at the southern tip of Africa.
Vasco DeGAMA
One of the first Europeans to explore around the Cape of Good Hope and he sailed all the way to India. He brought back silk and spices to Europe.
Christopher COLUMBUS
He believed that he could reach Asia by sailing west. He sailed west and thought he found Asia, but it was really the western coast of the Americas.
Sailed west after Columbus and Caboto and realized that they had found a new, unknown continent.
Ferdinand MAGELLAN
Sailed around the world and proved that it was possible to sail to Asia by sailing west.
Sequence of events that led to Verranzo to look for the Northwest passage
The French king, Francis the First, gave Verranzo ships, sailors and supplies to look for a Northwest passage . He failed to find one.
What stopped Cartier from searching for the water route through the North American continent?
Water rapids on the Saint Lawrence River forced him to turn back.
What area of North America did Henry Hudson claim for the Dutch?
Hudson River Valley