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what are the types of passive transport
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what are the types of passive transport
endocytosys, phagosytosys, pynocitosis, exocytosis
why does passive transport require energy
because its going against current (low to high)
what is endocytosis
takes in material
what is phagosytosis
eats large particles and stores food in vacole
what is pynocitosys
taking in liquids
what is exocytosis
realeases large amppunts of material
types of cells
isotomic, hypotomic, hypertonic
what is isotomic
same on inside as outside (9 inside is 9 outside)
what is hypotomic
more inside than outside (90 inside 9 outside)
what is hypertomic
less inside that outside (inside 9 outside 90)
what is the function of chiroplasts
converts sunlight into sugar
two things found in plant cells but not in animal cells
cell membrane choloplast
three things found in plant and animal cells
cell wall nuculeas cytoplasym
what surrounds cell membranes for support
cell wall