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  1. the buying and selling of goods and services
  2. not having enough resources to meet people's unlimited wants
  3. a line with a series of marks used to find distance on a map
  4. someone who buys or uses things
  5. a person who helps make a product
  1. a human resource
  2. b consumer
  3. c scarcity
  4. d trade
  5. e scale

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  1. bar graph
  2. income
  3. capital resource
  4. encyclopedia
  5. wants

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  1. a person who makes or grows somethingproducer


  2. the exchange of goods or services without the use of moneybarter


  3. something that protects or coversshelter


  4. an activity that people do to help other peopleservices


  5. a place where goods are madefactory