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  1. something that protects or covers
  2. a person who makes or grows something
  3. someone who buys or uses things
  4. a safe place to keep money
  5. a service from a bank that allows people to earn interest on their money
  1. a savings account
  2. b producer
  3. c shelter
  4. d bank
  5. e consumer

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  1. goods
  2. price
  3. needs
  4. income
  5. bar graph

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  1. how far one point is from anotherdistance


  2. the buying and selling of goods and servicesdistance


  3. things that people would like to haveneeds


  4. a book or set of books that gives information about many topicsencyclopedia


  5. something other than natural or human resources, that people need in order to produce goodscapital resource