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  1. an activity that people do to help other people
  2. a person who helps make a product
  3. a person who makes or grows something
  4. how far one point is from another
  5. things that people must have to live
  1. a distance
  2. b human resource
  3. c needs
  4. d services
  5. e producer

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  1. bar graph
  2. goods
  3. capital resource
  4. consumer
  5. scale

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  1. a service from a bank that allows people to earn interest on their moneyservices


  2. the exchange of goods or services without the use of moneyincome


  3. something that protects or coversshelter


  4. not having enough resources to meet people's unlimited wantswants


  5. a book that gives the meanings of wordsdictionary