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  1. Alternation of generations is defined as the switching back and forth between the production of?
  2. The wide range of colors in algae depends upon the presence of?
  3. What is one type of movement mechanism use in protozoans?
  4. What oes a contractile vaculoe specialized to collect?
  5. Euglenas have a cell membrane by the name of?
  1. a water
  2. b accessory pigments
  3. c pellicle
  4. d cilia
  5. e diploid and haploid cells

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  1. photosynthetic pigments and cell wall composition
  2. phycobilins
  3. amebic dysentery
  4. diatoms
  5. they have a definite shape

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  1. Giardia produces tough, microscopic...?cysts


  2. What kind of mosquito can carry malaria?anopheles


  3. For defense, a paramecium uses small, bottle-shaped structures known as?trichocysts


  4. Dinoflagellates can be either heterotrophs or___?silicon (Si)


  5. If a protist is animal like then it is normally... ?heterotrophic