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  1. Diatoms are rich in ___?
  2. The thin filaments produced by water molds are?
  3. Ciliates obtain food throught the...?
  4. The population of small, photosynthetic organisms found near the surface of the ocean is called?
  5. Which of the following descriptions applies to most protists?
  1. a silicon (Si)
  2. b gullet
  3. c phytoplankton
  4. d unicellular eukaryotes
  5. e hyphae

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  1. Red algae
  2. trichocysts
  3. heterotrophic
  4. decomposers or parasites
  5. cysts

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  1. The wide range of colors in algae depends upon the presence of?pellicle


  2. What kind of mosquito can carry malaria?anopheles


  3. Which of the following is not true of amoebas?unicellular eukaryotes


  4. What are long threadlike colonies called? (hint: they are stacked end to end)water


  5. Trypanosoma causes what?African sleeping sickness