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  1. The reddish accersory pigment the absorbs blue light allows what algae to live in deep water?
  2. Giardia produces tough, microscopic...?
  3. What are long threadlike colonies called? (hint: they are stacked end to end)
  4. For defense, a paramecium uses small, bottle-shaped structures known as?
  5. What's mr.hewitts favorite unicellular algae?
  1. a filaments
  2. b cysts
  3. c trichocysts
  4. d diatoms
  5. e Red algae

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  1. phytoplankton
  2. anopheles
  3. pseudopods
  4. autotrophs
  5. heterotrophic

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  1. Ciliates obtain food throught the...?silicon (Si)


  2. a parasitic protist, Entamoeba, causes what?African sleeping sickness


  3. Which reddish accessory pigment of great at absorbing blue light?phycobilins


  4. Diatoms are rich in ___?African sleeping sickness


  5. Chrysophytes have ___ colored


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