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semicircular walkway around the apse

Apocalyptic Vision

a vision of the Second Coming of Christ seated in majesty


crossing across a nave


a molded band framing an arch

Barrel vaulting

a semi-cylindrical structure made up of successive arches


subdivision of the interior space of a building


bell tower of a church


a monastery courtyard usually with covered walkways

Compound Piers

are piers with columns or pilasters attached to the rectangular cores


armed pilgrimages armed at recovering the Holy Land from the Turks


vaulted space under part of a building in churches under the apse


designs sewn on the cloth with threads


the political, social and economic system which governed medieval society in Europe

Groin Vault

the result of the intersection of two barrel vaults which produces a bay of four compartments


a remission of whole or part of the temporal punishment due to sin


side posts of a doorway

Pilgrimage Choir

in a Romanesque choir this consists of apse, ambulatory and radiating chapels

Pilgrimage Type Church

one visited by many of the groups of faithful to venerate relics of the saints for grace and indulgences. The nave was increased in length; the side aisles were doubled and extended around the ambulatory to facilitate the flow of crowds.


monumental doorway usually decorated with elaborate embellishment

Quadripartite Vaulting

four part vaulting system

Radiating Chapels

a series of small chapels for the display of relics, which were arranged around an ambulatory


bits of bones, clothing or instruments of torture were revered by the faithful as instruments of healing


a chest or repository for the keeping or displaying of relics


supporting arches along the groins of the vaults


(1050-1200) a heavy, solid architectural style which was characterized by round arches, great stone portals, rich decoration and massive stone walls.

Sexpartite Vaulting

six part vaulting system


the lowest stone of an arch


designs were woven into cloth


upper galleries over the inner aisle and opening down into nave for over flow crowds


a central post supporting a lintel


prominent semi circular lunette above a doorway

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