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history 13

Within the ideology of Manifest Destiny were all the following beliefs EXCEPT
United States expansion was acceptable so long as it stayed out of Mexico and Canada
by 1830, Texas
saw the united states unsuccessfully attempt to purchase it
in the 1820s and 1830s the government of Mexico
moved from favoring to opposing American immigration into Texas
In 1836, the battle of San Jacinto
led to independence for Texas
In the mid-1840s, the Oregon country in the Pacific northwest
included on Indian population that had devastated by disease
Which of the following towns served as a major departure point for migrants traveling west on the overland trails
Independence Missouri
The presidential election of 1844
was won by a democrat
As president, James K. Polk
none of these answers are correct
The Mexican War resulted from
The United States provoking Mexico to fight
The key to victory for the United States in the Mexican War was
Winfield Scott's seizure of Mexico City
When President Polk received the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, he
angrily claimed that Trist had violated his instructions
The Wilmot Proviso
prohibited slavery in any land acquired from Mexico
In the 1848 elections, the new party that emerged as a political force was the
Free-Soil Party
The Chinese who came to California during the gold rush
had similar aspirations as the American participants
In 1849, President Zachary Taylor favored admitting California
as a free state
During the debate on the Compromise of 1850,
President Zachary Taylor suddenly died
The passage of the Fugitive Slave Act
intensified the debate over slavery
in the 1850s in an effort to undercut the Fugitive slave Act, some northern states
passed laws preventing the deportation of fugitive slaves
The 1854 Ostend Manifesto
was part of an attempt by the United States to acquire Cuba
The 1853 Gadsden Purchase
advanced the interests of Southern Railroads
The political party came into being largely in response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act was
The Republican Party
The 1856 beating of Charles summer on the floor of the united states Senate
was a vicious assault carried out by a member of congress
Southern defenders of slavery made all of the following arguments EXCEPT
Black codes protected slaves from abuse
the first Republican candidate for president was
John C. Fremont
The supreme court held in the case of Dred Scott v. Sandford
the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional
The 1857 Lecompton (kansas) constitution was
twice rejected by a majority of Kansas voters
In the 1858 Abraham Lincoln-Stephen Douglas debates
Lincoln argued slavery was a threat to the growth of white free labor
As a result of his 1858 debates with Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln
gained many new supporters outside of Illinois
In the 1860 elections, the political party most deeply divided over slavery was
the democratic party
In the election of 1860,
white southerners concluded their position in the Union was hopeless