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  1. Red Giant or Super Red Giant
  2. Super nova
  3. Constellations
  4. Black dwarf
  5. Refracting Telescope?
  1. a a dead star
  2. b Life cycle stages, After the main sequence, the star expands to 15- 30 times the sun's size.Red Giants are bright but cool!
  3. c patterns of stars
  4. d Explosion of a HIGH MASS star caused by greater energy and temperatures.
  5. e Uses objective lens to gather light and focus it on a small area.

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  1. Where the sky and the ground meet
  2. a new star that forms in Nebulae
  3. 1. Spiral 2. Ellipitical 3. Irregular
  4. It does NOT have a regular shape
  5. a graph in which star's temperature is plotted against its absolute magnitude. (brightness)

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  1. Ellipitical Galaxy?looks like a flattened ball; little gas and dust between stars, contain old stars


  2. About how many stars does the Milky Way contain?About 200 billion stars


  3. Heliocentricearth is at the center of the revolving planets and stars. ( Ptolemy)


  4. white dwarfa dead star


  5. Reflective Telescope?Uses a mirror instead of an objective lens.