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  1. Absolute Magnatude?
  2. About how many stars does the Milky Way contain?
  3. Refracting Telescope?
  4. Horizon
  5. geocentric
  1. a Uses objective lens to gather light and focus it on a small area.
  2. b The true brightness of a star if it were placed a standard distance away from Earth. The lower the number the brighter the star.
  3. c Where the sky and the ground meet
  4. d About 200 billion stars
  5. e earth is at the center of the revolving planets and stars. ( Ptolemy)

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  1. Spiral
  2. The middle, stable stage in a star's life. It can last from a few billion years to 100 billion years. (Middle Age)
  3. How bright a star appears from earth.
  4. Explosion of a HIGH MASS star caused by greater energy and temperatures.
  5. Uses a mirror instead of an objective lens.

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  1. Examples of Circumpolar Constellations?Cassiopeia, Cephus, Ursa Major, and Draco


  2. 3 types of Galaxies?1. Spiral 2. Ellipitical 3. Irregular


  3. Hertzsprung/Russell Diagrama graph in which star's temperature is plotted against its absolute magnitude. (brightness)


  4. Spiral Galaxy?pinwheel shaped, large cluster of stars at the center


  5. Parallax?pinwheel shaped, large cluster of stars at the center