Nervous System Part 3

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Autonomic Nervous System
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Autonomic Nervous System
Part of the Peripheral Nervous System
Efferent Division
Includes autonomic and somatic motor neurons
One of the branches of the Autonomic Division
One of the branches of the Autonomic Division
Somatic Motor Neurons
Mostly voluntary control
Autonomic Pathways
Include somatic motor neurons and autonomic neurons
Cellular Anatomy of ANS
Includes preganglionic and postganglionic neurons
Preganglionic Neuron
Cell body in CNS, synapses in PNS in ganglion
Postganglionic Neuron
Cell body in ganglion (PNS), synapses on effectors
Autonomic Division
Composed of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic branches
Dual Innervation
Many organs receive input from both branches
Effects of Sympathetic Activation
Fight or flight response
Effects of Parasympathetic Activation
Rest and digest response
Physiological Responses from Sympathetic Action
Increase in heart rate, dilation of pupils
Physiological Responses from Parasympathetic Action
Active digestion, airway constriction