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South East Asia - The Liberation

Historical Events Prior and During the Liberation in South East Asia
The Liberation
During Mid 1900's - Americans Involved
1946 - Spanish American War
America Wins
In the late 1940's (1948)
French Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos)
In 1954
Burma (Myanmar)
In 1948
Malaysia, Singapore
In 1963 - Joined together as one country
Independent Singapore
In 1965 - Richest Country in South East Asia
Post Colonial Effect
Wars and Political Instability until recent years
Vietnam War
From 1960's to 1975 - Created by Domino Effect Theory
Vietnam War Polarity
Communist North, Liberal South
Cambodia Conflict
The Khmer Rouge in the late 1970's
The Khmer Rouge
Nastiest Regime in the 20th Century - Genocide Like
Sino-Vietnamese Border War
In 1979 - Continuous Civil Wars between the Chinese and Vietnamese