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WinSrv 2008 Infrastructure - Chapter 5

For best results, the internetwork should be limited to fewer than how many subnets with an easily predicted traffic pattern (such as arranged consecutively in a straight line)?
c. 10
Of the four types of routes that can be found in a routing table, which of the following cannot be found?
c. client routes
Which generic authentication method offers encryption of authentication data through the MD5 hashing scheme?
c. Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
One example of an NPS Policy Setting includes IP properties that specify IP address assignment behavior. Which of the following is not an option?
b. Client Must Supply an IP Address
Windows Server 2008 includes all of the following routing protocols that can be added to the Routing and Remote Access service with the exception of __________.
Which column of the IP Routing Table indicates the gateway value for each routing table entry?
c. third
Which mutual authentication method offers encryption of both authentication data and connection data?
b. MS-CHAPv2
By default, the Callback Options setting is configured as __________.
c. No Callback
Which entries refer to a separate multicast route?
What encryption type is used for dial-up and PPTP-based VPN connections with a 40-bit key?
a. basic encryption
Which one-way authentication method offers encryption of both authentication data and connection data (the same cryptographic key is used in all connections; this method supports older Windows clients, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98)?
c. MS-CHAPv1
802.1X provides port-based security through the use of all of the following components with the exception of a(n) __________.
c. verifier
Routers are considered components of which layer?
c. layer 3
Which option enables internal clients to connect to the Internet using a single, external IP address?
b. network address translation
Which generic authentication method does not encrypt authentication data?
b. Shiva Password Authentication Protocol (SPAP)
An NPS Network Policy, which is a rule for evaluating remote connections, consists of which of the following items?
d. all of the above
How can you view the IP routing table?
c. both B & C
Which of the following is the limited broadcast address that is general for all networks and routers?
What type of connectivity creates a secure point-to-point connection across either a private network or a public network, such as the Internet?
c. virtual private network
What term refers to the device that is seeking access to the network, such as a laptop attempting to access a wireless access point?
b. supplicant