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discrete arrangement of lesions

lesions individual, separated and distinct

Confluent arrangement of lesions

lesions merge and run together

Grouped arrangement of lesions

lesions are clustered

Annular configuration

circular; begins in center and spreads to periphery

Polycyclic configuration

annular lesions grow together


twisted, coiled, spiral snakelike


linear arrangement along a nerve route


flat, nonpalpable, but visually distinct, with color different from normal skin, <1cm; ex. freckles, flat nevi


macules that are larger than 1cm; ex. mongolian spots, vitiligo


raised, solid lesion <1cm, ex. wart, elevated nevi


papules that coalesce to form surface elevation wider than 1cm; ex. psoriasis


solid, elevated, hard or soft, larger than 1cm; May extend deeper into dermis than papule


larger than a few cm in diameter, firm or soft, deeper into the dermis; may be benign or malignant, although most people think of cancer


superficial, raised, transient, and erythmatous, slightly irregular shape due to edema (fluid held diffusely in the tissues); ex. TB skin test, hives


BLISTER; elevated cavity containing free fluid; up to 1cm; clear serum flows if wall is ruptured


larger than 1cm; usually single chambered; superficial in epidermis; thin walled, so it ruptures easily; ex. chicken pox, shingles


Turbid fluid (pus) in cavity; circumscribed and elevated; ex. acne (previous test question!!)


encapsulated fluid-filled cavity in dermis or subcutaneous layer, intensely elevating skin


Fine, irregular red lines caused by capillary dilation

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