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mechanical vector

arthropod is a passive carrier

biological vector

arthropod is a part of the organism's life cycle

what is the arthropod protected by?

chitinous exoskleton

what type of circulatory system do arthropods have?

open, tubular heart pumps hemolymph

how is uric acid expelled?

malphigian tubules

what kind of metamorphosis do dipterans go through?



culex, mansonia, aedes


eggs dont have floats


cigar shaped eggs with side floats

black fly (simulium)


black fly

deposits eggs into fast-flowing fresh water

black fly

adult females feed on blood of animals, butes produce severe reactions

sand fly

leishmaniasis, remain close to breeding grounds

tsetse fly


tsetse fly

both male and female bite, leave large painful welts. larva develop in soil

mango/deer fly

chrysops- loaloa

reduviid bug

chagas disease

reduviid bug

assassin bug, itchy swellings due to toxins released at bite

reduviid bug

bites at night


babesia, lyme disease


hard tick


lyme dz is the most common tick infecton in the US

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