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-millions of immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Latin America came to America. -African Amercians moved up north drawn by the factories

Why do cities grow so fast in the lat 1800s?

-millions on immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Latin America caem to America.
African Americans moved to the north dran by the factories.

Why were the Hull house, Salvation Army, and YMCA created?

-offered food and shelter, held classes and athletic and social activites, and offered poor daycare, social activities, and classes.

What is the social reform movement?

-changes to correct problems in society

Who were the muskrackers?

-writers, reporters, photographers, who exposed problems in society.

What did Jacob Riis do?

-exposed living conditions in tenements

Compare the two men on their goa of attaing racial equailty for American Americans.

Booker T. Washington:
-encouraged A.A. to learn a trade and gain economic equality before seeking racial equality.
Du Bois:
-Encouraged A.A. to fight for equal social and political rights.

What is the purpose of the Tuskegee Institude?

-Set up to teach African Americans skilled trades.

Workers attemped to force factory owners to accept their their demands by__________


What demands did workers make during the 19th century and early 20th century?

-higher wages
-8 hour
-safer working conditions

Which long-awaited goal of the women's rights movement was achieved during the Progressive Era?

-voting rights

What did the publication of 1906 of the Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, lead Congress to do?

-exposed poor conditions and the meat packing indudtry.

What was the goal of the Sherman Antitrust Act?

-ban formation of trust and monopolies, not enforced until Teddy Rosevelt became president.

What was Teddy Rosevelt's postion on trusts?

-trusts that were efficent and fair were good- governemnt should leave them alone
-trusts that cheated the public and took advantage of thier workers were bad- government should either control them or break them up.

What good resutled from the Triangle Shirtwaist tradegy?

Many states approved the new saftey laws to protect workers:
-fire alarms
-doors must remain unlocked
-no smoking in factories
-adequate number of stairwells and fore escapes

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