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an individual living thing, such as a bacterium, fungus,
protist, plant, or animal


a group whose members possess similar anatomical characteristics and have the ability to Interbreed


a group of interacting individuals belonging to one species
and living In the same geographic area


an assemblage of all the organisms living together and potentially interacting in a particular area


all the organisms in a given area, along with the nonliving (abiotic) factors with which they interact; a biological community and its physical environment

abiotic components

a nonliving component of an ecosystem, such as, air, water or temperature

biotic components

a living component of a biological community; an organism, or a factor pertaining to one or more organisms


a place where an organism lives; an environmental situation in which an organism lives


the entire portion of Earth inhabited by life; the sum of all the planets ecosystems

dispersion patterns (define the three types)

the manner in which individuals in a population are spaced within their area. Three types of dispersion patterns are
clumped (individuals are aggregated in patches), uniform (individuals are evenly distributed), and random (unpredictable distribution)

food web

a network of interconnecting food chains

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