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The mouth parts of nematodes


This nemtode's body changes shape and is usually swollen

sedentary endoparasite

Root symptom damage and reduced ability of the plant to obtain water and nutrients from the soil.

Affects of nematodes

If a plant dies rapidly with the leaves still attached, nematodes usually ___________the major problem.

are not

Wilting, stunting, yellowing, thinning, dying

symptoms of nematodes

The changes and damage to the root system caused by nematodes allow these to get into the plant.

fungi and bacteria

Liriope and daylilies ______________host plants for root-knot nematodes.


Lesion nematodes are migratory _____________________.


Sting, awl, and stubby root nematodes are __________________________.


Sting nematodes are found in ________________soil.


Awl nematodes are found in ________________soil.


Native North Americans pines are usually ____________________ pine wilt nematodes.

tolerant of

Codiaem variegatum is usually ____________________root knot nematodes.

resistant to

Plants on which a particular nematode cannot reproduce.

Resistant plants

Plants that can be fed on by the nematode, but are not damaged.

Tolerant plants

Most references to "nematode susceptibility" in popular literature refer to ___________nematodes.

root knot

Lilies are susceptible to ________________nematode.


Adding organic amendments can increase the natural enemies of nematodes and suppress the the nematodes population.


Adding any organic matter will release chemicals and gases that are toxic to the nematode population.


Replacing nematode infested soil with _________ soil will delay the infection of the new plants.


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