Positive Psychology Lecture 8, 9, 10

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Savoring & Mindfulness
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Savoring & Mindfulness
Living in the Present
Benefits and limitations to automatics thinking
Multitasking used to be a badge of honor, Multitasking is a poor way to simultaneously focus on one thing such as doing homework.
TRUE, You need to focus on one thing such as doing homework
Living in the past and future
-Thinking on the past (guilt shame), or the future (upcoming events etc).
-The problem is that you let the good things happening to you now pass by us
Savoring and mindfulness change the way we relate to our current experience
Mindfulness protects our mind from jumping to conclusions, and living in the present rather than the past
such as reliving a bad fight with a friend.
to create, increase and prolong enjoyment by focusing and redirecting attention.
Increasing and focusing on what youre doing
You can also savor moments and remanence
Planning a trip bringing it to the present makes us feel better
Savoring may involve current experience (savoring) but also effortfully brining past (reminiscing and future (anticipating into awareness)
What are benefits to savoring?
Benefits: less depression and guilt, better at buffering stress, SWB (self well being) and optimism.
What must we realize when savoring?
May never happen again, savor it. Time moves fast.
What else do we savor?
Savoring and experiencing your partner
What are ways to savor?
-Relish ordinary experiences (make an effort to pay attention to what you are doing right now, focusing on spending time with loved ones, and savoring.
-Remininsce with family and friends (go through pictures, photos taken etc).
-When good things happen celebrate it don't let it pass by
- Transport yourself, reminisce on happiest days
Celebrate good news.
Ways to savor from The How happiness
Be open to beauty and excellence
Savor, flowers, books, nature
Notice the surrounding
Be mindful
Take pleasure in the senses
Appreciate bittersweet experiences
Instead of trying to avoid them
Bittersweet; positive n negative
Savor experience with person
Mindfulness is becoming more aware of one's ongoing experience
What is the purpose of mindfulness?
Sitting in the present and noticing things but not for the purpose of feeling positive but for the purpose of awareness of self and what is being around you