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  1. paired chromatids separate, chromosomes pulled apart by fibers, centrioles first, equal number of chromosomes move to each pole of the cell
  2. a repeating cycle of cellular division & growth during the life of an organism
  3. cell grows rapidly, organelles are duplicated, cells not dividing remain in this phase
  4. spindle fibers break, nucleolus reappears, nuclear membrane forms around chromosomes
  5. paired chromatids move to the middle of the cell

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  1. Cytokinesisprocess of cell division in which the nucleus of a cell is divided into 2 nuclei


  2. Prophase MitosisDNA condenses onto short thick rods, centrioles move to opposite sides of the cell, nuclear membrane and nucleolus break down, fibers move chromosomes


  3. End Resultthe longest part of the cell cycle


  4. Which cells do NOT divide ?muscle and nerve cells


  5. Somatic Cellsa) Cytoplasm divides in half
    b) 2 seperate cells are formed
    c) recieves identical copy of original chromosomes
    d) recieves 1/2 of original cells cytoplasm