Martin Luther King Jr.


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What was Martin Lurther King's full name and title?
Doctor Martin Lurther King Junior
When and where was Martin Lurther King born?
The 15th January 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.
What job did he have?
Baptist minister.
Which movement was Martin Lurther King a leader of?
The American Civil Rights movement.
What style of protest did Martin Lurther King advocate?
During Marin Luther King's time, what problems did black people face.
Segregation in the southern states of America.
Black people could not use certain types of public transport or go to the same schools and churches as white people. They had to go to different shops, had difficulty voting and were paid about half of a white persons salary.
Is it true that M L King was never arrested?
No. The police arrested him several times.
What happened in 1955, in Montgomery Alabama?
Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white person. The police came and arrested her.
What did M L King do in response to the arrest of Rosa Parks? What was the result?
Doctor King then organized a boycott of the Montgomery Bus System. No black person used a bus in Montgomery for 382 days.
In the end the Supreme Court decided to stop segregation on public transport. After this victory Doctor King was famous.
What happened in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963?
M L King organized a peaceful march of school children and young adults. The police commissioner, Eugene 'Bull' Connor, ordered his policemen to attack them with dogs and water cannons. Many children injured.
When and where did King give his most famous speech, and what is it called?
On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. August 28 1963. I have a dream
What was ML King awarded in 1964?
The Nobel Peace Prize.
Televisions and newspapers all over the world showed pictures of police brutality towards blacks during peaceful protests. What was the result?
Martin Luther King, his cause and his non-violent protests gained worldwide support.
In 1965 M L King organised a march to encourage equal voting rights for blacks. How did the police respond and what was the eventual result?
Police used tear gas and batons. Before long the law was changed.
In what year was King assassinated, and who committed the crime?
1968. James Earl Ray.
On what day does America celebrate
Martin Luther King Day?
On the third Monday in January