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is a small sheet of film, usually about 4 inches by 6 inches, that stores microscopic images of documents.


Certified System Administrator is an operating system certification that tests knowledge of administering the Solaris operating system.


Some parts of the operating system are resident; that is, these instructions remain on the hard disk until they are needed.


Uptime is a measure of ____.


A(n) ____ printer is a small printer that prints on an adhesive-type material that can be placed on a variety of items such as envelopes, packages, optical discs, photos, file folders, and toys.


All software companies specialize in a particular type of software.


You can erase a DVD-ROM.


A(n) ____ source is a company or person a user believes will not send a virus-infected file knowingly.


Technical certification programs are offered by many vendors, called ____ organizations, that develop and administer the examinations to determine whether a person is qualified for certification; a Web site showing certification percentages is shown in the accompanying figure


A(n) ____ flash memory card has a storage capacity of 512 MB to 8 GB.

Secure Digital

Some VARs (value-added resellers) provide complete systems, also known as ____.

turnkey solutions

A certificate ____ is an authorized person or company that issues and verifies digital certificates.


Retail and grocery stores use the ____ bar code.

UPC (Universal Product Code)

A user of a relational database, such as that pictured in the accompanying figure, refers to a record as a ____.


When a mobile user, remote office, vendor, or customer connects to a company's network using the Internet, a(n) ____ provides them with a secure connection to the company network server, as if they had a private line.


An Internet ____ provider is a company that provides Web hosting services that include managing shopping carts, inventory, and credit card processing.


A ____ houses RDRAM chips

RIMM (Rambus Inline Memory Model)

Some input devices include ____ output that provides the user with a physical response from the device.


Instead of recordable DVDs, most users work with reformattable DVDs.


Nonprocedural languages are more difficult to use than procedural languages.


With a low-level language, each language instruction typically equates to multiple machine language instructions.


wo commonly used types of impact printers are ____.

dot matrix and line

____ is a job title in the training area of an IT department.

help desk specialist

All of the following use direct access EXCEPT ____.


An alternative to maintaining an alternate computer facility is to enter into a(n) ____ backup relationship with another firm, where one firm provides space and sometimes equipment to the other in case of a disaster.


A group of two or more integrated hard disks is called a(n) ____.


A(n) ____ gives authors and artists the exclusive rights to duplicate, publish, and sell their materials.


A satellite Internet service ____.

is a high speed internet connection

Audio editing software usually includes ____, which are designed to enhance audio quality.


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is inflammation of a tendon due to some repeated motion or stress on that tendon.


On an optical disc, a land causes light to reflect, which is read as binary digit __ (absorb light __)

1, 0

Stand-alone utilities typically offer improvements over those features built into an operating system or provide features not included in an operating system.


A special type of serial port that connects the system unit to a musical instrument, such as an electronic keyboard, is called a(n) ____ port.


Many database programs today have a Web page as their _____

front end

A(n) ____ device is any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people.


A(n) ____ database is a database that stores data in tables that consist of rows and columns.


Links on a Web page allow users to obtain information in a(n) ______ way.

non linear

A systems ____ is responsible for designing and developing an information system.


In the latest Windows versions, the ____ consists of several files that contain the system configuration information.


Programmers use a(n) ____ language to implement object-oriented design.


On a network such as the one illustrated in the accompanying figure, if one node fails ____.

only that node fails

With online investing, the transaction fee for each trade usually is much more than when trading through a broker.


Together, the four basic operations or a processor (fetching, decoding, executing, and storing) comprise a(n) ____ cycle.


A(n) ____ hard disk is a hard disk that you insert and take out of a drive, and it may either be built into the system unit or external and connected via a USB or FireWire port.


The speed of a dot-matrix printer is measured by the number of ____ it can print.

characters per second

____ are audio output devices that cover or are placed outside the ear.


A ____ is a device that provides a central point for cables in a network.


To prevent repetitive strain injury, take all of the following precautions except ____.

use the heel of the hand as a pivot point when typing

File ____ refers to the procedures that keep data current.


A(n) ____ module is a removable flash memory device about one-half the size of a PC Card that adds memory, communications, and multimedia capabilities to computers.

express card

All of the following are characteristics of hard disks EXCEPT ____.

wire-protect notch

IBM Certified Solutions Expert - Informix is a ____ certification that tests advanced skills of administration of Informix.


A ____ has pins on opposite sides of the circuit board that connect together to form one set of contacts.

SIMM (single inline memory module)

With a three-generation backup policy, the parent is the ____.

second oldest copy

____ cable consists of one or more twisted-pair wires bundled together.

twisted pair

Which of the following is an example of multimedia authoring software?

Adobe Director

When a program evaluates a condition in a(n) ____, which is illustrated in the accompanying figure, it yields one of two possibilities: true or false.

if-then-else control structure

A ____ allows users to access and analyze any view of the database data.


A(n) ____ program interacts with a DBMS, which in turn interacts with the database.


____ is the time it takes a signal to travel from one location to another on a network.


____ contain the formats for how a particular object should display in a Web browser.


With virtual memory, which is illustrated in the accompanying figure, the technique of swapping items between memory and storage, called ____, is a time-consuming process for the computer.


Professionals in the desktop publishing and graphic art fields commonly use ____ because it is designed for complex documents with intense graphics and colors.


The USB (universal serial bus) and FireWire bus are ____.

buses that eliminate the need to install cards in expansion slots

Using ink-jet printer technology, but on a much larger scale, a(n) ____ creates photo-realistic-quality color prints.

large format printer

A(n) ____ copies only the files that have changed since the full backup.

differential backup

____ is the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations.

Remote teaching

An Internet ____ provider is a company that provides Web hosting services that include managing shopping carts, inventory, and credit card processing.


Developed by Hewlett-Packard, a leading printer manufacturer, ____ is a standard printer language that supports the fonts and layout used in standard office documents.


A wireless ____ point is a central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network.


A wireless ____ point is a central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network.


A(n) ____ modem sends and receives data and information to and from a digital line.


One approach to content filtering is through a rating system of ____, which is similar to those used for movies and videos.


___ software tracks leads and inquiries from customers, stores a history of all correspondence and sales to a customer, and allows for tracking of outstanding issues with customers.


____ is a hardware certification sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association that tests entry-level knowledge of personal computer setup, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Podcasters register their podcasts with ____.

content aggregators

software tracks leads and inquiries from customers, stores a history of all correspondence and sales to a customer, and allows for tracking of outstanding issues with customers.


A ____ port was formerly referred to as an IEEE 1394 port.


Users may have ____ if they have sore, tired, burning, itching or dry eyes; blurred or double vision; or difficulty focusing on a screen image.


The __ video standard has a typical resolution of 1600 x 1200


__ Software for personal computers includes interactive games, video, and other programs designed to support a hobby or provide amusement and enjoyment


a type of communications device that connects a communication chanel to sending or receving device is a ___


____ is a strategy that proposes that programmers should begin coding and testing solutions as soon as requirements are defined


A(n) __ scanner works in a manner similiar to a copy machine except it creates a file of the document in memory instead of a paper copy


The ____ is the component of the processor that performs arithmetic, comparison, and other operations.


Impact printers commonly produce ____ output, which is print quality slightly less clear than what is acceptable for business letters.


The case of the system unit, sometimes called the ____, is made of metal or plastic and protects the internal electronic components from damage.


Computer operator, which is a job title in the operations area of an IT department, performs all of the following equipment-related activities EXCEPT ____.

running database security

Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR SDRAM) chips are even faster than SDRAM chips because they ____.

transfer data twice for every clock

A(n) ____ is a system that manage one or more human resources functions.


____ software lets users modify audio clips and produce studio-quality sound tracks.

audio editing

A(n) ____ is a formal review of any system development cycle deliverable.


____ devices are servers connected to a network with the sole purpose of providing storage.


____ is a security certification sponsored by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium that tests in-depth knowledge of access control methods, information systems development, cryptography, operations security, physical security, and network and Internet security.


The ____ is a worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals.


A Web site is ____.

a collection of related Web pages

IBM Certified Solutions Expert - DB2 is a certification that tests advanced skills of administration of the DB2 ____.


Most online Help also has links to Web sites that offer ____ Help, which provides updates and more comprehensive resources to respond to technical issues about software.

web based

A DBMS that creates a log usually provides a(n) ____ utility that uses the logs and/or backups to restore a database when it becomes damaged or destroyed.


A(n) ____ player is a program that allows you to view images and animation, listen to audio, and watch video files on your computer.


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