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Narrow forehead
Direct hair away from the face at the forehead
Wide-set eyes
Use a higher half bang to create length in the face
Wide flat nose
Draw hair away from face, use center part
Round jaw
Use straight lines at the jaw line
Straight profile
Ideal profile
Concave profile
a prominent forehead and chin
Receding forehead
Direct bangs over the forehead with outward directed volume.
Small nose
Hair should sweep off the face creating a line from nose to ear.
Receding chin
Direct hair forward in the chin area.
Direct hair forward over the sides of the forehead
Close-set eyes
Direct hair back and away from the face at the temples.
Crooked nose
Asymmetrical, off-center style is best.
Square jaw
Use curved lines at the jaw line
Long jaw
Move hair up and away from face along chin line
Convex profile
A receding forehead and chin
Large forehead
Use bangs with little or no volume
Prominent nose
Bring hair forward at forehead with softness around face
Small chin
Move hair up and away from face along chin line
Large chin
Hair should be longer or shorter than chin