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dr jekyll and m hyde questions lyda's style

Why is the house with the door mysterious?
run down, no knocker, surrounded by fantastic houses
Why were Utterson and Enfield surprised by the name on the check?
it was Jekyll's name, not Hyde's
How did Hyde behave after trampling the little girl?
unusually calm
How would you describe Mr. Hyde?
deformed, mysterious, odd, short, hunched over, despised by others,
Why was Utterson so concerned and having nightmares about Hyde?
creepy guy, the fact that he is receiving everything from Jekyll
What did Jekyll's will state?
everything will be given to Hyde and he will take the place of Jekyll totally
What did the maid witness Hyde doing?
killing Carew
How did Mr. Utterson recognize the cane and who did it belong to?
he had given it to Jekyll
What was interesting about Jekyll's house?
there were maids and butlers, nice and clean, luxury on one side/ on the other part it was a run down(at the back of the house) labratory
What does Dr. Jekyll say to convince Utterson that he (the doctor) can handle Mr. Hyde?
don't worry about Hyde
What did Utterson find interesting about the letter from Hyde to Jekyll?
Jekyll wrote the letter, he is hiding Hyde, forge
What was the change in Jekyll after the Carew murder?
he told Utterson that Hyde will never be seen, heard of again/ he was completely secluding himself
How has Dr. Lanyon changed? What topic does he refuse to discuss with Utterson?
a meeting between him and Jekyll and he gets sicck and dies/ they talk about Jekyll
How does Dr. Jekyll explain his seclusion to Mr. Utterson?
suffering, terrible punishment
What does Utterson think happened to Hyde/Jekyll?
Hyde- committed suicide/ Jekyll- either Hyde murdered him or he fled
How did the servants of Jekyll react when Utterson arrived?
relieved but still terrified
Why did Jekyll send the chemicals back?
they were impure and not the ones that turned him back to Hyde
What did Utterson find on Jekyll's desk?
will- now has Utterson's name in place of Hyde
note- said to open Lanyon's letter
What instructions did Dr. Jekyll's letter to Lanyon contain?
it said to break into the cabinet and bring a drawer back to his house and wait for someone to come
Why couldn't Dr. Jekyll get the drawer from the cabinet himself?
he was at that point Hyde and he didn't want anyone to see him
Why would Jekyll want the will to go to Hyde when they are the same person?
because if he was in Hyde's body and had a problem with turning back into Jekyll then he would still have his house, money, belongings... etc.
What happened after Hyde drank the potion and what was Lanyon's reaction?
he turned into Jekyll and Lanyon was freaked out and scared
Why is Hyde younger than Jekyll?
Hyde had only been in this world less than half the time of Jekyll so he has barely aged
What was Jekyll's reasoning for creating a potion?
for research and to undo his good and evil sides
What feelings did Dr. Jekyll have when he was turning into Hyde?
sharp stomach pains, like bones are being crushed, but after he feels amazing
What unexpected thing happened to Jekyll as he awoke one morning?
turned into Hyde without potion and then decides no more Hyde except he keeps Hyde's house and clothing
How to Jekyll and Hyde react to each other?
Jekyll- after Carew murder he didn't like Hyde
before Carew murder he thought having Hyde was a great getaway
Hyde- doesn't care as much about Jekyll and he uses Jekyll to hide
How does Jekyll and Hyde's relationship change as the chapter goes on?
before they liked each other and after Jekyll tried to stop Hyde from taking over, but he couldn't
What drove Hyde to kill Carew?
Hyde was locked in Jekyll's body and he didn't like it
Was Jekyll ever able not to feel guilty for the sins of Hyde? Why or why not?
no, because he saw it as them being two different people
after the Carew murder he did feel a little guilty