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What does affeered mean?


Who is the brightest of the angels?


What does luxurious mean?

Plentiful supplies

What are foisons?

Earl of Northumbria

Who is Siward?

a stamped coin

What is the "stamp?"


What is "the evil?"

An evil bird of prey

What is a hell-kite?


What does "dolor" mean?


Great ______, lay thou thy basis sure/ For goodness dare not check thee.

brightest fell

Angels are bright still, though the ____ _____

jealousies, dishonors

Let not my _____ be your _____ (Act IV, Scene iii)

Bleed, bleed

_____, _____ poor country!


Who is "she" in the following quote: It weeps, it bleeds, and each new day a gash/ Is added to her wounds.


black Macbeth/ Will seem as pure as ___,

voluptuousness, Malcolm

But there's no bottom, none,/ In my _________ (Who said it?)

cistern, lust

Your matrons and your maids could not fill up/ The _____ of my ______-


And yet seem cold - the time you may so ________.

vulture, Macduff, Malcolm

There cannot be/ That ____ in you to devour so many (Who said it? To whom?)

ten thousand

How many men does old Siward have?


"How does my wife?
Why, _____."


Who is " an older and a better soldier none/ That Christendom gives out"?


What, all my pretty _____ and their dam

intermission, Macduff

But, gentle heavens/ Cut short all _________! (Who said it?)


Not for their own _____, but for mine


____ not the heart, enrage it.


An _____ and a better soldier none/That Christendom gives out


Your _____ in Scotland would create soldiers


That would be ______ out in the desert air


The general cause or is it a _______/ Due to some single breast?


Let not yours ears despise my _____ forever


Your castle is _________


Were on the quarry of these murdered _______

betimes, Malcolm

Good God, ______ remove the means that make us strangers (Who said it?)


What does betimes mean?


Where violent sorrow seems a ____ ecstasy


The dead man's _____ is there scarce asked for


What's the newest ____?

mortal, birthdom, Macduff and Malcolm

Let us rather/ Hold fast the _____ sword and like good men bestride our down-fall'n _____ (Who are us?)


Each new morn, new widows ____


Like ____ of dolor


Whose sole name _____ our tongues

lamb, Malcolm

To offer up a weak, poor, innocent _____ to appease an angry god (Who said it?)


That which you are, my thoughts cannot _____

a staunchless avarice

What grows in Malcolm's most ill composed affections?


My more-having would be as a ____ to make me hunger more


All of these are ______ with other graces weighed


What does lowliness mean?


Malcolm calls Macduff a child of ____?

black scruples

What has Macduff wiped from Malcolm's soul?

wiles, strategems

What does train mean?

detraction, blames, nature, Malcolm

Unspeak mine own ______, here abjure
The taints and _____ I laid upon myself,
For strangers to my ______ (Who said it?)


ten thousand ____ men


What does goodness mean?

welcome, unwelcome

Such ___ and ___ things at once tis hard to reconcile


their malady convinces the great ___ of art

mother, grave

It cannot be called our ___ but our ____


Where sighs and groans and shrieks that rent the air are made not ____

his wife and children

What are Macduff's "strong knots of love?"

tyrant, vices

When I shall tread upon the ______'s head,
Or wear it on my sword, yet my poor country
Shall have more _____ than it had before;

of various kinds

What does sundry mean?


you may
Convey your pleasures in a _______ plenty,
And yet seem cold

Quarrels, wealth, Malcolm

that I should forge
________ unjust against the good and loyal,
Destroying them for ______.(Who said it?)

having a harmful effect, root of avarice

What does pernicious mean? What does it describe in the Act IV, Scene iv?

harmony, sweet milk

What does concord mean? ______ of concord

knees, feet, died, lived, Macduff

the queen that bore thee,
Oftener upon her _____ than on her ____,
____ every day she _____ (Who said it?)

solemnly renounce

What does abjure mean?

whetstone, anger

Be this the _____ of your sword. Let grief
Convert to ______;

woman, braggart

O, I could play the ______ with mine eye,
And _______ with my tongue!


This tune goes ______

night, day

The _____ is long that never finds the _____.

A child crowned with a tree in his hand

What is the third apparition?

Eight kings

Who arrives after the third apparition speaks?

the galloping of horse

What did Macbeth hear after he speaks with the witches in Act IV?

cat meowed thrice, hedge-pig whine thrice and once

What did the cat and hedge-pig do and how many times did they do it?

secret, black, and midnight hags

What does Macbeth call the witches in Act IV?

toad, 31 days

What do the witches boil first and how many days does it have to sweat venom under a cold stone?

play the woman with mine eyes

How does Macduff refer to weeping in Act IV Scene iii?

conjure, yeasty, churches, bladed

I ______ you by that which you profess/ Howe'er you come to know it, answer me/ Though you untie the winds and let them fight/ Against the _____, though the _____ waves/ confound and swallow navigation up/ though _____ corn be lodged and trees blown down/

warders', pyramids, tumble, sicken

Though castles topple on their _______ heads/ Though palaces and ______ do slope/ their heads to their foundations, though the treasure/ of nature's germens ____ all together/ even till destruction ______, answer me/ to what i ask of you


Thou hast _____ my fear aright

assurance, bond, pale-hearted, thunder

But yet I'll make ______ double sure/ And take a ____ of fate. Thou shalt not live/ That I may tell _____ fear it lies/ And sleep in spite of ______

top, sovereignty

That rises like the issue of a king/ And wears upon his baby brow the round/ and ____ of ____?

impress, bodements

Who can ____ the forest, bid the tree/ unfix his earthbound root? Sweet ______ good!


What are bodements?

dead, lease, custom

Rebellious ____, rise never till the wood/ Of Birnam rise, and our high-placed Macbeth/ Shall live the ____ of nature, pay his breath/ to time and mortal ____.

pernicious, calendar

Let this _____ hour/ stand aye accurséd in the ______!


Who was "without there?"

exploits, flighty

Time, thou anticipat'st my dread _____. The _____ purpose never is o'ertook/ Unless the deed go with it.


This deed I'll do before this purpose ____

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