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Constitution Article 1- Legislative Branch

What are the two parts of Congress?
House of Reps. & Senate
What is another name for Congress?
Legislative Branch
What does Congress do?
Makes laws
How old must a person be in the House of Reps. ?
25+ yrs. old
How long must a person have been a citizen to be in the House of Reps. ?
7+ yrs.
What is the title of the leader of the House?
Speaker of the House
What is the total number of reps. in the House of Reps. ?
How is the number of reps. in each state determined?
By population determined census
What is the total number of people in the House of Reps. and Senate?
What part of Congress can impeach a federal officer?
House of Reps.
What does impeach mean?
To accuse a federal officer
Does a rep. in the House need to live in the state that s/he represents?
Yes, rep. must reside in the state s/he represents
How often is a census?
10 years
How many Senators does each state have?
How often are members of the House elected?
30+ years
How many votes per rep. or Senator?
One vote
How many states? How many Senators?
50 states, 100 Senators
When does the V.P. of the U.S. vote?
To break a tie in the Senate
Who is generally in charge of the Senate?
President Pro Tempore
What does pro tempore mean?
How often must Congress meet?
At least once a year
A senator must be a citizen of the U.S. for how many years?
9+ years
Once the House has impeached a person, who acts as the jury?
The Senate
To remove a person from office, what is the required fraction?
Who presides over/runs an impeachment trial for the President?
Chief justice of the Supreme Court
If removed from office, a person can be tried in an outside court?
How do Congressional elections take place?
Must be held in every state on the same date in even-numbered years
How often must Congress meet?
At least once a year
When is the opening day of Congress?
January 3
Who can decide if a member has the qualifications for office set by the Constitution?
Each House
What is a quorum?
Smallest number of members who must be present for Congress to conduct business
50%+ 1= 218 in the House= 51 in the Senate
Can each House make rules of conduct for its members and punish those who break those rules?
To expel a member, what fraction of the vote must they receive?
What is published daily with records of meetings?
"Congressional Records"
Can a House adjourn a meeting for more than three days?
No, unless the other House approves
Can a House meet in another city?
No, unless the other House approves
Congress decides the salary for its members, which is paid out of what?
U.S. Treasurer
Can members of Congress be punished or arrested for what they say during a session?
No, allows a free debate
Can another member of Congress hold another office while in Congress?
What is Revenue?
Money raised by the government through taxes
What must tax bills originate in?
House of Reps. (Taxation WITH Representation)
What is a bill?
Proposed law (suggestion)
What can happen when a bill is approved by the majority of the House and Senate?
1. the President can consign it (and it becomes a law) or
2. the President can send it back to Congress ( a "VETO" )
What is the fraction of votes that both Houses can override the veto and make it become a law?
If the President refuses to act on a bill, it becomes a law in how many days?
10 days
What can Congress pass the is relative to laws?
Resolutions or Orders
***What does Congress have the power to do?
Tax and spend money
All federal taxes must be the same throughout the country
Can Congress borrow money for the U.S.?
Who can regulate commerce?
Congress can only regulate foreign and interstate trade
Congress has the power to pass laws regarding what?
1.naturalization (process of a foreigner becoming U.S. citizen)
2. bankruptcy ( when person or business cannot pay its debts)
What does Congress have the power to do?
1. coin (or print) money and set its value
2. set the standards for weights and measures
Is it true that Congress can make laws to punish counterfeiting?
What can Congress establish?
Post offices, postal routes, and mail control
What can Congress pass laws regarding?
1. copy right (written material)
2. patents (inventions)
How can Congress set up courts?
Under the Supreme Court
Is it true that Congress can define and punish crimes at sea?
***What does Congress have the right to do?
1. declare war (at request of President)
2. make rules regarding captured prisoners
What can Congress decide upon?
1. the size of the armed forces
2. the amount of money to spend on the armed forces

write rules for the military
What job can Congress now call up to stop rebellions or fight foreign invaders?
National Guard (militia)
Who has control over the militia?
Does Congress control the districts around Washington D.C. ?
What is it called when Congress stretches its power?
"The Elastic Cause"
What agreement prevented Congress from interfering with slave trade?
3/5 Compromise, Congress was soon able to abolish slavery
What is Writ of Habeas Corpus?
Court order requiring the government to "produce the body" of a prisoner and explain why the prisoner is being held. Its protects them from unlawful prisoner by requiring that charges be filed withing a reasonable amount of time.
Can the government deny the act of Writ of Habeas Corpus?
No only in times of rebellion or invasion, the Patriot Act
What can't Congress pass?
1. Bill of attainder
2. Ex post facto (ex. Bubbles)
Can Congress tax based on income?
No, not until the 16th Amendment, which allowed Congress to tax income regardless of state population
Can Congress tax exports?
No, but the southern states insisted on clause because their economy depended on exports
Must all states be treated equally?
Yes, Congress could not make laws that favor one state over another in trade
Can the government freely spend money and award titles?
No, Congress must pass a law allowing it called "appropriation"
No only from foreign governments
Can states coin (or print) money or make treaties?
No, to prevent states acting like separate nations
Can states tax imports and exports?
No, not without Congressional consent
Can states keep an army or navy?
No, not without consent of Congress