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CNS Board Questions

Numerous raised folds on the surface of each cerebral hemisphere are called
Longitudinal Fissure
the deep groove that seperates the right and left cerebral hemisphere is called
Clusters of nerve cell bodies located in the PNS are called
Schwanns cells
Neurological cells that from a myelin sheath around axons are
In a neuron, cell process that receive informaton and carry it to the cell body are called
Choroid Plexuses
a tiny reddish cauliflower lik mass of specialized capaillaries from the pia mater and it secretes Cerebrospinal fluid
Medulla Oblongata
the part of the brainstem that regulates the heart rate, breathing, swallowing, coughing and sneezing is the medulla oblongata
Reticular formation
a group of nuclei scattered throughout the brainstem that play a role in arousing and maintaing consciousness is the
Neurogia that helps remove bacteria and debris from the CNS are called
Brachial Plexuses
What supplies nerve to the upper limbs
Gray Matter
____________does not have a myelinated sheath
White Matter
__________ has a myelinated sheath