CSET Multiple Subject Reading, Language and Literature

Derivational Morpheme
meaningful unit that can be combined with roots or stems to form new meanings and parts of speech
relating to the social context of language use
bound morpheme used before (prefix), after (suffix), within (infix), or around (circumfix) a root to change meaning
denotative meaning
dictionary definition
linguistic system used by an individual
study of morphemes and how their distribution relates to form and structure of words
phonemic awareness
awareness that words are made up of segments of speech which can be represented by letters in writing (alphabetic orthography)
an approach to the study of letters and the sounds they represent, an approach for teaching reading using sound-symbol correspondences
rule system within a language for how phonemes are uttered, sequenced and patterned to represent meanings
short story
2,000-10,000 words. by virtue of length has a purpose that is singular or length. Plot, character, setting, pov, theme. Often rely on symbolism, epiphanic moments. Nathaniel Hawthorne: young goodman browne, Edgar Allen Poe: fall of the house of Usher. 19th century developed
more developed. around since middle ages; Chaucer: Canterbury Tales, Boccaccio: Decameron. complicated plots, subplots, characterization, developed ideas. Several types picaresque, realistic, mystery gothic, bildungsroman
Folk Tales
As old as language. Prose narratives arising from oral traditions. Includes Legends, fairy tales, animal folk tales.
creation stories, tribal beginnings; often include supernatural beings, semi-historical figures. Told as if factual, set in specific time and place.
Fairy tales
presented as fictional. often have formulaic opening line. supernatural adventures youngest daugthers, princesses, princes and fantastic creatures suhc as fairies, elves, mermaids
Animal folk tales
usually anthropomorphic and displaying human qualities
often set outside of historical timeline. often concerning Gods, giants and beings beyond usual human experience. often closely related to religious, spiritual beliefs and core values
written verse, perhaps with rhythm and/or rhyme scheme. Most condensed and refined medium, heightened emotional expression. All cultures have version of poetry. Major categories: narrative, dramatic, lyric.