Holistic Midwifery Face +brow pres

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Extended Cephalic presentation
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Extended Cephalic presentation
Aka face pres.
Is the chin or mentum which leads decent
Causes of face pres
Pendulous Abe
pelvic disproportion
multiple pregnancy (twins)
high parity
obliquity of the uterus (sideways tilt of the whole uterus)
small for ges age
nuchal cord/hand
short cord tumor of neck and other abnormalities
external version
Most ppl agree the a face pres has
More to do with baby instead of mom in they think baby's spine is tight
congenital deformity in which some or all of fetal brain is missing
The face will be at +2 station before
Engagement occurs
Lma is a fully extended
brow presentation
Aka sinciput or frontum
they are the rarest pres of all
Most brow pres. Present due to
An open fetal mouth
a very full bladder in multips
In brow pres face is +1 before