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  1. milieu
  2. mediate
  3. impart
  4. belated
  5. appease
  1. a ADJ late, tardy; delayed, behindhand
  2. b V to make calm, soothe; to relieve, satisfy; to yield to; pacify, mollify, placate, propitiate
  3. c V to bring about an agreement between persons or groups, act as a go-between; settle, arbitrate, umpire, referee; ADJ occupying a middle position; indirect, acting through an intermediary
  4. d N the setting, surroundings, environment
  5. e V to make known, tell; to give, pass something on; transmit, bestow, grant

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  1. ADJ using or showing good judgement, wise, sensible; thoughtful, prudent, shrewd, astute
  2. N a peculiar way of acting; a sudden twist or turn; peculiarity,oddity, eccentricity
  3. N heroic courage; respect and courtesy; an act or statement markeb by a high level of courtesy; chivalrousness, valor, daring
  4. ADJ in line with accepted ideas or standards; trite; ordinary, commonplace, orthodox
  5. V to follow in order, come immediately after and as a result

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  1. taintN a stain or spot; a mard of corruption or dishonor; blot; V to stain or contaminate; soil, tarnish, pollute


  2. overbearingADJ domineering, haughty, bullying; overpowering, predominant; high-handed, overriding


  3. shiftlessV to quote; to mention; to summon to appear in court; to commend, recommend; refer to, enumerate, subpoena


  4. decoyV to lure into a trap; entice, entrap; N a person or thing used to lure into a trap; lure, bait


  5. regaleADJ late, tardy; delayed, behindhand