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  1. decoy
  2. shiftless
  3. cite
  4. impart
  5. taint
  1. a V to quote; to mention; to summon to appear in court; to commend, recommend; refer to, enumerate, subpoena
  2. b V to make known, tell; to give, pass something on; transmit, bestow, grant
  3. c ADJ lazy, lacking in ambition and energy; inefficient; careless, sloppy, lackadaisical
  4. d V to lure into a trap; entice, entrap; N a person or thing used to lure into a trap; lure, bait
  5. e N a stain or spot; a mard of corruption or dishonor; blot; V to stain or contaminate; soil, tarnish, pollute

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  1. V to feast, entertain agreeably; amuse, divert
  2. V to follow in order, come immediately after and as a result
  3. ADJ in line with accepted ideas or standards; trite; ordinary, commonplace, orthodox
  4. ADJ strange, freadish, weird, foreign-looking; out-of-the-way, geographically remote, exceeding resonable limits; peculiar, bizarre, odd, unorthodox, unconventional
  5. ADJ causing great misfortune; disastrous, catastrophic, ruinous, fatal

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  1. belatedADJ late, tardy; delayed, behindhand


  2. overbearingADJ domineering, haughty, bullying; overpowering, predominant; high-handed, overriding


  3. appeaseADJ high-spirited; lively; bold, saucy; jaunty; vivacious, impudent, fresh


  4. quirkN a peculiar way of acting; a sudden twist or turn; peculiarity,oddity, eccentricity


  5. gallantryN heroic courage; respect and courtesy; an act or statement markeb by a high level of courtesy; chivalrousness, valor, daring