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V to resign, formally give up an office or a duty; to disown discard; step down, relinquish, renounce


V to give as a gift; to provide with lodgings; grant, conger, lodge, put up


ADJ able to hold much, roomy; spacious, commodious


ADJ able to burn or eat away by chemical action; biting, sarcastic; burning, corrosive, sharp


N a strong movement to advance a cause or idea; campaign, organized movement; V to campaign, work vigorously


V to injure or destroy the surface or appearance of; to damage the value, influence, or effect of; to face down, outshine; mar, dis


N an order forbidding the trade in or movement of commercial goods; any restraint or hindrance; stoppage, ban, boycott; V to forbid to enter or leave port; to forbid trade with


N a false notion or belief; an error in thinking; misconception


N a lack of seriousness or earnestness, especially about things that should be treated with respect; buoyancy, lightness in weight; giddiness, flippancy, frivolity, fickleness


N beggar; ADJ depending on begging for a living


V to make sick to the stomach; to fill with disgust; sicken, disgust


V to nullify, deny, bring to nothing; cancel, invalidate, annul


ADJ very important, essential; crucial, critical, decisive, seminal


N receiver ADJ able or willing to receive, beneficiary


N an action designed to confuse or mislead, a trick; stratagem, subterfuge, dodge


V to become filled to overflowing; to be present in large quantities; abound, swarm, overflow


N an opinion, belief, or principle held to be true; doctrine, precept


ADJ easily managed, easy to deal with; easily wrought, malleable; submissive, docile, yielding, amenable


ADJ clumsy, awkward; unwieldy; graceless


ADJ having a huge appetite, greedy, ravenous; excessively eager; gluttonous, insatiable, avid

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