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History - Chapter 8 Government


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Federal System
A system of government in which power is shared between the central government and the state governments.
Executive Branch
Job: To Implement the Law
Who: The President & His Cabinet, which is made up of the Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Defense.
Legislative Branch
Job: To Create the Law
Who: Congress, which is split into 2 groups, the Senate and the House of representatives.
Judicial Branch
Job: To Interpret the Law
Who: The Supreme Court, which is made up of 9 Judges or Justices.
The Presidents power to refuse to approve something, usually a law, from Congress.
Checks & Balances
The system in which the power of each branch of government is balanced by the powers of the other branches.
Something that is an opinion, it uses facts and evidence to support it. People will disagree.
To make
To carry out
Rules made by human beings to govern society and regulate human interaction.
To stand up for or support
To choose
The amount of time someone can hold a position in government.
Enumerated Powers
The powers explicitly given to Congress in the Constitution.
Reserved Powers
Powers reserved to the states. (not written down in the Constitution)
Officials appointed by the President to be advisers and to head each department in the Executive Branch.