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litature of fine arts

restrained colors
Whereas neoclassisicists emphasized symmetry, line, and sober colors, romantics sought all of the following EXCEPT
A flamboyant, rolling chord is a
Symphonie Fantistique
An idee fixe is included in
composed nine symphonies
composed primarily for the piano, composed etudes
wrote program music
composed lieds
leading composer of italian operas, Aida
composed ballets
composed der rings des nibelungen
Used an idee fixe in a symphony
gros glorified the accomplishments of
Houses of parliment
which of the following buildings is an example of neomedievalism?
A scherzo is an Italian word which means
goya depicted the horrors of war in
art song
a lied is a type of ___
beethoven initially dedicated his Third Symphony to
nash's Royal Pavilion is an example of nineteenth
Goya's Third of May, 1808, highlights the brutality of Napoleon's troops in___
An instrumental study degned to improve a player's technique is an
Gros was a pupil of
A scherzo is an Italian word that means __________
An arabesque is associated with
An arabesque is part of
Who is the sculptor who created ethnological busts?
The works of the Polish composer, Chopin, include compositions focusing on the technical ability of performers. These are called
the middle class, the working class and racial minorities
In his painting Liberty Leading the People, Delacroix showed by their clothing who he considered the heroes of the revolutionary action in France, namely,
Which of the following is a type of musical study designed to improve a player's technique?
interviewing survivors
In an effort to capture the experience as accurately as possible, Gericault prepared for his painting, The Raft of the Medusa, by
The Statue of Liberty is based on a painting of
a lied is a type of
This artist portrayed the Byronic hero in his paintings
program music
The Symphonie fantastique is an example of
What is a chord played in rapid succession?
creative individulism
What is a chord played in rapid succession?
a short, repeating musical theme
A leitmotif is a __________________________________________________
an actual event
The Raft of the Medusa is based on
Which artist frequently portrayed ballerinas, horse racing, and the theatre?
japnese art
Which type of art feature flat, unmodulated colors, undulating lines, asymmetrical compositions, and daring use of negative space?
paul gauguin
The French artist who became entranced with unspoiled nature, especially as it existed in Tahiti, was
Discoveries in the physics of _________ profoundly influenced the late nineteenth-century cultural community.
pure brush stroke of color
Impressionist painters believed that paint should be applied in
stephane mallarme
The Dutch postimpressionist who expressed his reaction to a subject rather than to its physical appearance was
Who is the German philosopher who rejected organized religion, attacked Christianity and other institutionalized religions that contributed to the formation of "slave morality"?
Who declared that God is dead?
Which artist chose lily ponds and his lavish gardens in Giverny as subjects of his paintings?
Stephane Mallarme
Debussy's Prelude to "The Afternoon of the Faun" is a musical interpretation of a poem written by
The "father of modern painting," who was more concerned with the composition and technique of a painting than its content, was __________.
Pleasure is more desirable than essence
What is the prevailing artistic theme that influenced French art in the last quarter of the nineteenth century?
Ferdinand Hodler
Which of the following poets was not a symbolist poet?
The impressionist composer who was inspired by the five tone scale of East Asian music was
Art Nouveau
Vincent van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat and Cezanne were
Which artist preferred to portray indoor domestic scenes and interactions between mothers and children?
According to Nietzsche, what has led Europe to decadence and decline?
Paris boulevards at various times of the year and during different lighting is a favorite subject in the art by ___________________________
heroic subject matter
Late nineteenth-century painters looked to Japanese woodblock prints for all the following EXCEPT
According to Bergson, ________________ controls humans.
Rodin was primarily a(n)
This French philosopher of the late nineteenth century argued that all reality is constantly in the process of evolving and can only be understood intuitively.
To increase luminosity in his painting "Impression: Sunrise," Monet coated his canvas with egg yolk.
Le Moulin de la Galette
In which urban setting did Renoir depict the idle pleasures of dancers and diners?
The artist most closely associated with the colorist style known as pointillism is __________.
The afternoon of a faun
The following excerpt is from which of the following literary works?

I would immortalize these nymphs: so bright

Their sunlit coloring, so airy light,

It floats like drowing down. Love I a dream?
Art nouveau
Which artistic style originated in Belgium and is an ornamental style influenced by the English Arts and Crafts movement and by art of the Middle Ages?
Mary Cassatt
The American impressionist whose work did much to popularize that artistic style in North America was
The French artist whose painting gave a name to the impressionist school was
Vaslav Nijinsky
Who choreographed Debussy's "Prelude to Afternoon of the Faun"?
Constructivism originated in
Robert Frost
The American poet who exalted individualism in his lyric works by affirming that he took the road "less traveled" was
Georges Braque
Another cubist painter is
Frank Lloyd Wright
Which architect blended architecture with natural elements as well as low, cantilevered roofs, brick, rock and ?
quantum physics
Max Planck is a pioneer in the field of
Japanese poetry
Haiku is an example of
Panel for Edwin Campbell No. 1.
Which of the following paintings is an example of nonobjective art?
Picasso borrowed which tradition from Cezanne?
African art
Picasso's painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon demonstrates the influence of
steel and glass
What are basic elements of twentieth century architecture?
Umberto Boccioni's Unique Forms of Continuity in Space illustrates
Traditonal tonality
In general, twentieth century music rejected all except which of the following elements?
sheet metal and wire
Alexander Archipenko's sculpture Woman Combing Her Hair includes
lyric poetry
Robert Frost preferred to write
Which of the following art movements demonstrated an intimate relationship between modern science and modern art?
Who is the artist who expressed his scorn of art, "Exactitude is not truth."
subject matter
Nonobjective art as practiced by Malevich, Kandinsky, and Mondrian eliminated __________ from art.
free verse rhythms
Which of the following is a characteristic of imagist poetry?
The serial technique is an atonal musical composition developed by
albert einstein
Who developed the theory of relativity?
robert Frost
Which of the following is not an imagist poet?
Still Life on a table
Which of the following paintings is an example of a collage?
in studying subatomic particles, time, and space were relative
Einstein's theory of relativity asserted that
rite of spring
Which musical composition caused a riot when it was performed?
wild beast
"Fauve" literally means
it depicted women with unpresedented brutality
The celebrated Les Demoiselles d'Avignon shocked observers because
Ezra pound
Which Imagist poet was influenced by the haiku style?
Fauve artists explored the expressions of
Brancusi is a
Which of the following forms of architecture originated in Germany?
Who was the artist who primarily used three colors in his art: yellow, red, and blue?
Kate choplin
"When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease—of joy that kills." This is an excerpt from the author
The French painter who scandalized the public by presenting traditional themes in unconventional ways is
need for materials and markets
Colonialism had as its motivating force the
tries to inject romance into her everyday life
In Flaubert's novel, Emma Bovary meets with disaster as she
Which of the following paintings featured a short, stocky prostitute wearing only a black ribbon and satin slippers?
La Boheme
Which of the following operas is considered to be a verismo-style opera?
Who is the author of the Communist Manifesto?
Who is the author of the Communist Manifesto?
Who challenged the acute subjectivity, exoticism and escapism that typified romanticism?
Crime and Punishment
Dostoevsky is the author of
still Life
Harnett's The Artist's Letter Rack is an example of
Realists focused primarily on
Which nation established colonies throughout the world during the nineteenth century?
racial superioity
The poem "The White Man's Burden" highlighted which of the following?
What building material revolutionized architecture and led to the development of sky scrapers?
According to Marx, who is responsible for feudal and patriarchal form of social order?
Matthew Brady is primarily known for his
Who created lithographs that satirized technology, the pretentions of thenouveaux riches, politicians, and the French Salon.
Class Struggles
The author of the Communist Manifesto argued that the "history of all existing society is the history of
her freedom to choose
In "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin, Mrs. Mallard discovers in her mourning what is "the strongest impulse of her being," namely,
John Staurt mill wrote that men do not simply want obedience from women (as men might demand for slaves) but a women's ____ as welll
Who is an African American painter who realistically portrayed simple, everyday events in genre paintings?
People who organize, manage, and assume risks of a business are
A doll's House
An example of a feminist drama is
According to the Communist Manifesto, which social group will rebel because they are deprived of money, land, and power?
The gulf stream
Which painting illustrated the artist's interest in African-Americans?
Which writer described women of all classes as the unwilling subjects of more powerful males?
Which invention altered the way that artists portrayed nature in their art during the realistic era?
under the authority of first of first her father, then her husband
The "doll" whom Ibsen described in his play was Nora, who had been
Charles Dickens
Who is the most popular British novelist during the nineteenth century who described the conditions of the working class?
Juxtaposed bits and pieces of photographic images is
What therapeutic method did Freud developed that revels emotional disturbances?
Freud argued that neuroses and psychoses were illnesses that required medical treatment.
The poet, Gillaume Apollinaire, coined the word
Gregor Samsa, in Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" awakens and discovers that he has been transformed into a
A la Recherche du temps perdu is written by
The theater of cruelty was influenced by the expressionist artists.
James Joyce's novel Ulysses is an allusion to Homer's Iliad.
concrete poem
A poem produced in the shape of external objects, such as watches, neckties, and pigeons is a form of
Surrealistic art relied on the liberating principles of automatism.
Edvard Munch was an admirer of ___________________________
Giorgio de Chirico pioneered a style he called "metaphysical."
Dali's painting "The Persistence of Memory" features
Expressionism started in
Miro and Georgia O'Keefe included biomorphic shapes in their art.
Whose philosophies influence theatrical performance with method acting?
Kirchner's art combined memories of his life in Russia and included folk motifs and superimposed images that float in space and defy the rules of gravity.
Stream of consciousness
The narrative style of A la Recherche du temps perdu, "The Metamorphosis,"


employs the literary device of
"Dada" literally means
Kafka's novel,A la rechrche du temps perdu is a novel that explores psychology in space and time.
Who is the artist who featured biomorphic shapes derived from greatly enlarged flowers and bleached animal bones?
The focus of Proust'sRemembrance of Things Past is primarily external.
Which part of the psyche is the "manager" that administers our instincts?
Frida Kahlo
Which of the following artists stated "I am the subject I know best"?
Freud asserted that sublimation is the positive modification and redirection of primal urges of the ego.
The Shoenberg musical composition, Pierrot Lunaire is an example of a
According to Civilization and Its Discontents, people are sometimes dominated
de Chirico
Which of the following is NOT an expressionist artist?
Marcel Duchamp constructed the first mobile work of art.
Carl Jung
Which one of Freud's disciples developed a theory of collective unconscious?
Dada art is often improvised art.
Which surrealistic artist portrayed organic signs and sacred signs including flowers, fish, and human figures in his art?
According to Freud, pleasure is not the primary goal of most humans.
Found objects are frequently used by
eats a cake
The character in Swann's Way is able to recapture a lost memory after he
According to Freud, we are able to probe our subconscious mind with
Freud theorized that the __________ governed human behavior.
André Breton asserted in the "Surrealist Manifesto" that the artist should be liberated from ____________ and the demands of conventional society.
Trompe l'oeil is effectively used in klee's Fish magic painting
Which American poet wrote poetry that violated grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules?
Frida Kahlo
Which artist explored her pain and suffering in her art?
distorted forms
Expressionist artists created a style that featured
Giorgio de Chirico is a member of the Die Brucke artists.
Irrational and antirational forces of the superego became the subject and inspiration of expressionism and surrealism.
A motif that is an example of "the child-god," "the hero," and "the wise old man," are examples of a(n)
Edvard Munch's paintings are
Stream of consciousness is a narrative strategy that was frequently used in the literature of Proust, Kafka, and Joyce.
Appalachian Spring features a Shaker hymn, "'Tis the Gift to be Simple."
Randall Jarrell
"From my mother's sleep I fell into the State" is the first line of a poem written
Diego Rivera's art depicted the plight of the Okies who fled to California during the Great Depression.
Thomas Hart Benton was not a social realist painter.
Sergei Eisenstein is a(n)
A farewell to Arms
Which of the following novels was written by Ernest Hemingway?
Max Ernst and George Grosz expressed their dissatisfaction with social conditions within
Dorothea Lange used _________________ to portray the plight of people caught in the throes of the Depression.
Stream of What type of art did Thomas Hart Benton popularize?is a narrative strategy that was frequently used in the literature of Proust, Kafka, and Joyce.
Leger's art reveals his rejection of modern machinery.
Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front is an example of social realism.
World War I
Wilfred Owen described the horrors of
Thomas Heart Benton
Who is the artist who portrayed steel working, mining, farming, and other working-class activities in his art.
Who succeeded Tsar Nicholas II as the Russian leader?
Yeats' poem "The Second Coming" is
Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath is set during the Great Depression.
Who was the Irish poet who despaired that the world was falling apart, "the center cannot hold"?
American folks songs
For much of his music, Copland drew on
Which of the following novels is an example of gallows humor?
Hitler's book Das Kapital outline his views of Jews, Marxists, bourgeois liberals, and "social deviates."
mein kampf
Hitler expressed his utopian plan of a master race in his book
The poetry, novel, and art of Owens, Remarque, and Ernst reflected their experiences as soldiers in World War I.
The first totalitarian regime of the twentieth century was in Germany.
A Farewell to Arms was set during World War I.
Chemical warfare attack
"Dulce Et Decorum Est" and the excerpt from All Quiet on the Western Front describe a(n)
Joseph Stalin is the first Russian ruler after Tzar Nicholas II was killed.
In the holocaust
Elie Wiesel described his experience
America entered World War II in
"Where is God?" is a refrain in
A composite juxtaposing heterogeneous images in cinema is a
Which of the following was NOT an axis power during World War II?
Aaron Copland
Who is the American composer whose music blended American folk melodies and simple melodies in his compositions?
The Grapes of Wrath
Which of the following novels is an example of social realism?
Leni Riefenstahl used film to promote the
The nihilistic phrase, Catch-22, was popularized by Kurt Vonnegut in his novel Slaughterhouse Five?
The artistic style that portrayed social problems in an objective manner was called social _____________
Picasso's Guernica portrayed the aftermath of a bombing of a town in
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Who is the Russian novelist who described his Siberian experiences in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich?
The writings of Karl Marx influenced Lenin to convert private property into property held in common by members of Russian society.
Erich Marie Remarque described the effects of war on a __________________ soldier.
Which of the following philosophers believed that we can verify God's existence with a "leap of faith"?
Dylan Thomas' poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is optimistic.
Dylan Thomas' poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is optimistic.
Guggenheim Museum
Frank Lloyd Wright is the architect of _____________________. It's interior resembles the inside of a huge snail shell that is bathed with natural light.
theatre of the absurb
Waiting for Godot is an example of
Sartre's literature featured the choices that humans make between a divine guidance absolute values.
random nature and the absurd
In writing music for twelve radios and twenty-four performers, John Cage was questioning the relationships between
The Trans World Airlines Terminal at Kennedy Airport is a good example of the international style and cool rationalism.
New York
Abstract expressionism flourished at first in
Abstract expressionism
The American artistic movement of the 1940s and 1950s that embodied the break with traditional, representational art was called
international style
"Form follows function" is the credo of the
According to Sartre, individuals are defined by ___________.
Rabindranath Tagore, an author from ____________ describes the existential responsibility for individual choice in his literature.
George Balanchine is a famous abstract expressionist artist who fused surrealism and existentialism in his nihilistic paintings that portrayed humans adrift in a dark world.
assembled sculptures
George Segal is renowned for his
jean-Paul Sartre
Who is the author of Being and Nothingness?
"Less is More" is the credo of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Alexander Calder
The creator of whimsical wire constructions or mobiles is
Alberto Giacometi
Which sculptor frequently portrayed humans as disengaged, ravaged figures?
flayed carasses
Francis Bacon's paintings often featured
Which artist created paintings that featured soft-edged blocks of color
Abstract expressionism began in America.
Mark Rothko
Which artists explored color field painting?
Edward Hopper
Who is the American abstract expressionist who featured urban landscapes devoid of meaningful relationships?
Jackson Pollock
This artist walked around the canvas while working in order to literally be "in" the painting.
Merce Cunningham is a(n)
Willem de Kooning's art frequently featured fierce, totemic women.
Rabindranath Tagore's poem "The Man Had No Useful Work" affirms that humans must be goal-oriented and practical.
According to composer John Cage, music has as its only common denominatormelody
Soren Kierkegaard
Existential literature in the twentieth century was influenced by the philosophy of
Dystopian literature portrays life as bleak and negative.
David Smith often created nonfigurative sculptures.
Waiting for Godot is a good example of the theatre of the absurd.
A symbol of corporate wealth, skyscrapers designed in the __________ style embodied the spirit of the West in the twentieth century.
Sartre asserted that humans are "condemned to be free."
Albert Camus
The author of The Stranger, who affirmed the potential for human solidarity, was
Franz Kline cultivated a painterly style that featured the pouring of thin washes of paint directly on raw canvases.
After World War II alienation pervaded art and literature.
Scott Joplin
Who is a virtuoso of ragtime music?
Black Skin, White Masks is a handbook for revolution in _______________________
Malcolm X
Who asserted that "the white man" is the common enemy of blacks?
Judy Chicago
Who created The Dinner Party project?
New Orleans
Louis Armstrong is a native of ______________
Which type of jazz music is evocative of sorrow, loss, loneliness, and despair?
When was the Harlem Renaissance?
Langston Huges
Whose poetry featured black dialect and compares a dream deferred to "a raisin in the sun"?
Who is featured in Cindy Sherman's photography?
Toni Morrison
Which black writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature?
Richard Wright
Which author describes the struggles of growing up in the Jim Crow South?
We Real Cool
Which poem depicts jazz rhythms?
Richard Wright
Whose literature described black people as strangers in the modern world?
Invisible Man
Which novel begins in a Harlem basement illuminated by 1,369 light bulbs?
Sonia Sanchez
Who is a black poet?
Virgina Woolf
Which British novelist asserted that women could become powerful only by achieving financial and psychological independence from men?
gwendolyn Brooks
Who is the first African American to receive a Pulitzer Prize for poetry?
What media does Kara Walker use in her artwork?
Zora neale Hurston
Who is a leader of the Harlem Renaissance who described Eatonville, Florida, in the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God?
Jacob Lawrence's art resembles which artistic style?
an Uncle Tom stereotype
What does Uncle Albert represent in Alice Walker's "Elethia"?
Self in 1958
Which feminist poem describes women's stereotypes?
What type of singing includes improvised set of nonsense syllables?
george gershwin
Who is the composer of Rhapsody in Blue?
Latin america
Pablo Neruda's poetry focuses on which area?
Migration of blacks from the south to the north
What narrative is featured in Lawrence's art?
Niki de Saint Phalle
Who created Nana sculptures of women with curves?
Gandhi led a non-violent rebellion in India against ________________.
hip hop
Which type of music fuses electronically mixed music, spoken word, and street-dance?
charlie parker
Who is associated with bebop?
robert colescott
Which artist created artistic parodies of white artists that portray stereotypical blacks?
segregation statutes
Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birminham Jail" explains his opposition to
Iqbal's poetry is infused with the morality of which religion?
Romare Bearden
Which artist primarily uses collages?
What artistic genre is associated with Katherine Dunham?
TV and computer
Which innovations affected art and literature in the postmodern age?
chaos theory
Which theory explains that the universe follows random patterns that are predictable?
According to Wittgenstein, what limits our understanding of reality?
What theory is popularized by Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault?
What type of literature is characterized by fragments of information juxtaposed with little or no commentary on its meaning?
Don DeLillo
Which of the following authors wrote "docufiction"?
shortly after World War II
Postmodernism began
Magic Realism
What type of literature is associated with Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
H.G. Wells
Who initiated science fiction?
What type of literature is a sub-genre of science fiction?
litrature of social conscience
What literature is associated with Joyce Carol Oates?
Andy Warhol
Which artist examined mulitple images of prducts, such as Coca-Cola bottles and Brillo boxes, in his art?
Claes Oldenberg
Which artist created soft vinyl sculptures of everyday items such as clothespins, hot dogs, and table fans?
What type of art is associated with Robert Rauschenberg?
comic book art
Roy Lichtenstein's art resembles
op art
What artistic style is associated with Victor Vasarely?
chuck close
Identify a new realist artist
Duane Hanson
Which artist is associated with "living dead" sculptures?
Leon Golub
Which artist depicted brutality and violence?
Magdalena Abakanowicz
Wo depicted headless sculptures crafted from sisal, jute, and resin?
What type of performance was popularized by Allan Kaprow?
Which artist created Running Fence using nylon cloth along 24.5 miles of California coast?
I.M. Pei
Which of the following is a postmodern minimalist architect?
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Frank Gehry is the architect of ___________________________
Musique Concrete
What type of music blends environmental noise such as bird calls, train whistles, and thunder?
What musical invention contributed to the production of electronic music?
Gyrogy Ligeti
Who is the composer who created aural effects and textures using microtonality?
What type of music is associated with Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplaine, and The Who?
Rennnie Harris
Who choreographed performances that combined break-dancing and hip-hop?
Frank Stella
Which artist produced geometric abstract art?