Electronic Systems


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What is a thermocouple?
A junction of two dissimilar metals that produce voltage when heated
What does a digital multimeter measure?
Voltage, amperage and resistance, ohms
What does TDR stand for?
Time Domain Reflectometer
What does a Time Domain Reflectometer do?
Identifies how far in feet a short or break in the wire is
What does the pitot static system consist of?
Pitot-Static tube
Three indicators
Connecting tube
What are the three indicators in the pitot static system?
Rate of climb
What does the Radar altimeter read from?
Reads altitude from terrain
What does the altimeter indicator display?
The altitude of the aircraft
What does the rate of climb indicator display?
How fast the aircraft is climbing or descending
What is the range of the radar altimeter?
0 to 5000 feet
What is the accuracy range of the radar altimeter?
+3ft or +4% whichever is greater
What is the basic principle of the Doppler Effect?
The apparent change in frequency of a received signal caused by the relative motion between the sender and the receiver
What does TDP stand for?
Tactical Data Processor
What does CDU stand for?
Control Display Unit
What does DCP stand for?
Display Control Panel
What does MFD stand for?
Multi Function Display
What does HUD stand for?
Heads Up Display
What does CSC stand for?
Communications System Control
What does DALs stand for?
Downed Aviator Locator System
What does IFF stand for?
Identification Friend or Foe
What does HSVD stand for?
Horizontal Situation Video Display
What type of sonar transmits out a signal and listens for a return of sound waves?
Active Sonar
What type of sonar only listens for noise?
Passive Sonar
What is Azimuth?
A target clockwise angular displacement in the horizontal plane with respect to due north
What is Range?
The distance of the target from the transducer
What is the Mission Data Loader (MDL)?
A programmable data cartridge for flight plans
Where is the primary flight instruments displayed?
On the HSVD
What is the Missile Warning Set?
An electronic countermeasure unit designed to protect the helicopter against surface to air and air to air missiles
What does FLIR stand for?
Forward Looking Infrared System
What is the AAR-47 Missile Warning Set?
A passive system that warns of attacks by infrared and laser guided missiles
What does the ALQ-144 Infrared Countermeasures Set do?
Provides protection from infrared guided missiles by continuously emitting infrared radiation to decoy incoming missiles