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Review for Medieval English and "Morte d'Arthur"

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literature based on historical events that reflect the culture, attitude and values of a society
Folk Ballads
oral tradition presented in verse. . . Ex: Sir Patrik Spens" "Get up and Bar the Door"
presents two levels of meaning figurative & literal (Everyman)
magical elements and characteristics of chivalry
1. test of honor & courage; 2. A dangerous quest; 3. A return to the point it started
also referred to as "verse"
Morality Play - teaches a lesson and a morals
Mystery/Miracle play - based on religious concepts
repetition of consonants at the beginning of a word (used to create musical tone and ease in memorizing)
Literature written in sentence and paragraph form without rhyme or meter
the imitation of sound the word describes "baaa" "bzzz"
A test of Honor and courage, A dangerous quest, A return to the point it started
Medieval Romance 3 Stages
Identify alliteration examples from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
The Pearl Poet
What did they call the anonymous author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?
To wait for Lancelot before fighting Mordred
What was Gawain advise to Arthur at the beginning?
How many knights were each to bring to the battle?
Don't do it unless you see someone else do it first
What instruction was given to the knights about drawing a sword?
Bedivere and Lucan the Butler
Which knights survived the battle?
Name of Arthur's sword?
Throw it in the lake
What instruction does Arthur give Bediver regarding his sword?
How many times does it take Sir Bedivere to throw the sword into the river?
Ladies of the lake / a hand
Who retrieves the sword?
Fast & pray for Arthur
What does Bedivere vow to do with the rest of his life?
What is the legendary paradise called that the ladies may have taken King Arthur to?
sword/hand; and the ladies of Avalon
What are two examples of magic in K. A.?
Mordred is his illegitimate son
What is Arthur's relationship to Mordred?
Most important prose romance in Brititsh literature, and the Basis of the Arthurian legends
What two things is La Morte d' Arthur recognized as:
Sir Thomas Mallory
Who was the author of La Morte d'Arthur?
Served in British Parliament and was imprisoned for theft, murder, and rape
Be familiar with who Sir Thomas Mallory/the author of La Morte d'Arthur is:
Heroic Celtic king
Who is King Arthur thought to have been in real life?
Allegory, figurative, literal
Everyman is considered an _________ because it has two levels of meaning: ________ & __________
Morality play
What kind of a play is everyman?
Who begins the dialogue in Everyman?
To set the stage for what is about to happen
What was the messengers purpose?
More time, Will I return, Can someone go with me
What three things does Everyman ask of Death?
Who does Everyman ask to go with him first?
Good Deeds
Which character was too weak to go with Everyman?
Which character was too brittle?
Sense, Imagination, Fantasy, Estimation, and Memory
Who were the "five wits"?
Good Deeds
Which character does not leave Everyman?
Which character closes the play?
Be familiar with how the characters are created allegorically.
Essay Question: Was Sir Bedivere chivalrous in disposing of King Arthur's sword?
Essay Question: Explain how "Sir Gawain & the Green Knight" and/or "La Morte d' Arthur" are good examples (or not) of Medieval Romance. Consider the 3 stages and give examples.
Essay Question: Explain the two levels of an allegory as presented in "Everyman".
Essay Question: The nonphysical ideals esteemed by the knights (courage, humility, courtesy, and loyalty) are still valuable today. Imagine you are applying for a job (or a scholarship). Summarize why a particular quality is important for the role for which you are applying.
Essay Question: Explain why "La Morte d' Arthur" is classified as a Mystery Play.
Essay Question: Explain why "Everyman" is classified as a Morality Play.