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  1. frantic
  2. trepidation
  3. synopsis
  4. dawdle
  5. havoc
  1. a Summary,general view,abstract
  2. b take one's time; more than necessary
  3. c a feeling of alarm or dread,fear
  4. d great destruction or confusion,chaos,damage
  5. e excessively agitated,frustrated,nervous activity

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  1. lessen in amount or intensity
  2. personal appeal or attraction; magnetism
  3. a lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
  4. lacking ideas or intelligence,emptied or lacking content
  5. appropriate, well chosen; marked by well-being or good fortune, happy

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  1. benevolentto praise; glorify


  2. superfluouspersistent, attentive, diligent,hard working


  3. perpetuallasting for eternity


  4. pithya lack of feeling, emotion, or interest


  5. indomitablejolly; merry; good-humored,full of fun and cheer