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Treaty of Guadalupe

Ended Mexican & American War. Established Border of Mexico & America. U.S. got the land from Texas to California. Also started debate over the extension of Slavery

Mexican-American War

War between Mexicans and Americans over the annexation of Texas

Jefferson Davis

-Was in the Southerners cabinet.
-Was prepared to be a Southerners' tool.

William Walker

-Grabbed control in Nicaragua and proclaimed himself president,then legalized slavery, but a colition of Latin American states overthrew him.
-Brazen American adventurer.

Popular Sovereignty

The concept that a States people should vote whether to be a slave state or Free

General Lewis Cass

veteran of the war of 1812, elected president but was silent on the slavery issue.

War 1812

a war (1812-1814) between the United States and England which was trying to interfere with American trade with France

General Zachary Taylor

Hero of Buena Vista in the Mexican War

Free Soil Party

Formed in 1847 - 1848, dedicated to opposing slavery in newly acquired territories such as Oregon and ceded Mexican territory.

Martin Van Buren

Nominated for president by the Free Soil Party


____ was discovered in California in 1848

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