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Spinal Cord

Identify these structures using transvers spinal cord model. Refer to pg 316/318
Central Canal
Tiny fluid-filled channel in the center of the spinal cord
Dorsal median sulcus
shallow longitudinal groove on the dorsal surface of the spinal cord
Ventral gray horn
Greater horns towards the anterior of the spinal cord. pg 318.
Dorsal root
the sensory branch of each spinal nerve
Ventral root
made of motor neurons that carry impulses from the spinal cord to muscles or glands
Posterior Funiculus
Dorsal white column beteween the dorsal horns.
Lateral Funiculus
Lateral white column located on the sides of the horns.
Anterior Funiculus
Ventral white column located in the front between the great horns.
Anterior Median Fissure
a longitudinal groove running vertically along the anterior midlline of the spinal cord
Lateral Gray Horn
small horns sticking out to each side of the gray matter in the spine. The horns point laterally.
Dorsal Root Ganglion
a nodule on a dorsal root that contains sensory cell bodies.
Spinal Nerves
31 pairs. Arise from the fusion of ventral and dorsal roots of the spinal cord. These are mixed nerves containing both motor and sensory.